Choosing The Most Spectacular Above Ground Swimming Pools

Adding a swimming pool in your compound has loads of benefits. Swimming is a great exercise that keeps you healthy, a pool also adds to the general aesthetics of your home. However, most home owners are caught in between having an in-ground or an above the ground swimming pool. Above ground swimming pools are better because of their portability, cost effectiveness, size variations and ease of maintenance. Before you shop for this swimming pool, there are numerous factors you have to consider. Above ground swimming pools of various brands have different features hence the need to choose well.

Things you must know before purchasing above the ground swimming pools:

The Location And Placement Of The Pool Within Your Yard

Location matters a lot, since it determines the comfort to be derived from the pool. Check your yard’s suitability for a pool. Ideally a good pool should be on a leveled area and kept away from the wind. Ensure there is enough space as well and that you can easily access the pool. The space at your disposal also determines the type of pool you buy. Above ground pools come in different shapes, some are round, and others oval.

Consider The Type Of Material To Be Used

Most pools of this nature come in either steel or resin makes with few aluminum ones. Steel pools can last for decades but may be prone to rust after some time. Aluminum on the other hand is a bit lighter and unstable. Resin is considered the best for a swimming pool as it does not catch rust like steel and aluminum. It will therefore depend on the money you have because resin pools are more expensive.

Cost Factor

Cost drives the value you get based on your budget. Shop around for at least three different quotes. Do not necessarily select the least price, but factor in quality issues as well. While budgeting, also add costs of other pool equipment. Knowing the prevailing rates on different types of pool will help you get a fair deal. Remember some unscrupulous business men are out to extort you of your hard earned money.

Safety Issues And The Relevant Legal Regulations

Above ground pools can at times be tragic and death spots. It is important to work with the authorities so as to know what is expected of your above ground pool. Issues to do with pool inspection, fencing, cover and alarms are necessary. Children should be warned to use the pool cautiously; mostly they should be in the company of literate adults.

Some Of The Most Popular Above Ground Pools

Intex pools are the most known above ground swimming pools as they come in various designs, shapes and costs. Other brands include Atlantic, doughboy, and Sharkline. Below is a list of pools you can choose from.

1. Intex 18FT X 48” EASY SET POOL SET

Product features

  1. Manufactured with high quality steel grades which are powder coated to prevent oxidation
  2. Has a tough ply side wall which guarantee its strength and durability
  3. Fitted with a ground fault circuit interrupter
  4. Added accessories include; a ladder, debris cover, cartridge filter pump, ground cloth and a maintenance DVD.

Price: $699.99 from www.intexcorp.com

2) Intex Ultra Frame 18-by-9-Foot-by-52-Inch Rectangular Pool Set

Product features

  1. Very big and ideal for a family
  2. Convenient rectangular shapes
  3. Fitted with rust proof metal beams
  4. Added accessories include pool cover, ground cloth and a volley ball set

Price: $724.49 from amazon.com

3) Sharkline Reprieve 18' x 52" Wall Round above Ground Metal Frame Swimming Pool

Product features

  1. Steel walls with protective coating
  2. Stylish steel top rails with Krystole coating and zinc Dichromate for durability
  3. High quality resin top
  4. 30 years warranty from the manufacturer

Price: $1,199.99 and shipped for free from amazon

4) Intex 24-Foot by 12-Foot by 52-Inch Rectangular Ultra Frame Pool

Product details

  1. A great rectangular frame shape
  2. High quality cleaning systems
  3. Pool accessories include ground cloth, maintenance kit, ladder, volleyball set and 1600g sand filter
  4. Designed to accommodate up to six adults

Price: $1070.99 from amazon.com

5) Bestway 12752 Steel Pro Frame Pool, 15’ by 48”

Product features

  1. Made from steel frames which are durable and rust proof
  2. Holds 4, 231 gallons of water when 90% full
  3. A heavy duty 3-ply wall made of polyester
  4. A drain valve

Price: $249.99 from amazon.com
General Pool Maintenance Tips

Most of the listed pools are easy to set up and maintain. Always remember to read the user manual from the manufacturer. Ensure you run your pump every day for at least 8 hours. Cartridge filters should be removed and cleaned with a garden hose. Invest in an automatic above ground pool vacuum cleaner to help vacuum the pool at least once a week. Also test your water regularly for PH levels and sanitizers. Chlorine is considered the best swimming pool sanitizer; make sure you do not run out of it.

Note that the type and quality of swimming pool you take home entirely depends on what you can afford. Always ensure you get something which is quality, fairly priced and suits your tastes and preferences.

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