More Than Just Beautiful, Air Purifying Plants Serve A Purpose

We're you aware that the plants in your home do more than just create oxygen for you to breathe? They remove carbon dioxide but many plants are known for cleaning pollutants and toxins from the air too. Having some of these plants in your home will make your home a healthier environment for everyone. You may not realize what all you are actually breathing every time you take a breath.

There are a certain number of VOCs or volatile organic compounds in the air you are breathing. Some of these VOCs are toluene, trichloroethylene, benzene and octane. Besides these you can also be breathing nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde. Since there are such things as air purifying plants, the amount of toxins you breathe can be kept minimal. Listed here are some of the top plants that you can grow in your home.

The Boston fern

The Boston fern is widely chosen as a plant to decorate with because of its beauty and ease of growth. It can be grown indoors or outdoors quite successfully. It isn't as finicky as some plants so you can have good luck growing it. It is also considered the number one plant for removing toxins from the air.

The Areca Palm

Another top house plant for removing VOCs and other toxins is the Areca Palm. It grows to be around 15 ft. tall and will grow small yellow flowers in the spring. Because of its size it does best in a large living area or an office foyer. The leaves are shaped like feathers and it will grow the best in full sunlight.

The Rubber Plant

The Ficus elastic or rubber plant is a gorgeous waxy leafed plant that is great at removing chemicals such as formaldehyde. The leaves are shiny and usually a dark green and are about 5inches long. It grows best in medium light and loves to be watered heavily and often. If you put this plant about four feet from a window it will receive adequate light. It is important to note that the rubber plant is toxic so don't put where small children or animals can accidently ingest the leaves.

The Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palm grows to be six feet tall and loves moist soil. It can get mites so make sure to wash with soapy water if you do notice mites. This will keep them under control. The bamboo is perfect for homes or offices with medium to low levels of light. It is great at removing benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air.

Dragon Tree

The Dracaena is known as the dragon tree and is very easy to grow. It isn't finicky about being watered or a light source and will excel in low lighted areas. Its leaves are long and thin measuring about 6 inches long and 1 inch across. The color is green and is red tinged or a red stripe in them. There is a smaller version of the plant that will remove such things as formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. Since trichloroethylene is a byproduct of printers it is good to have a plant like this in the office where such equipment is kept.

Peace Lily

According to The Flower Council of Holland the peace lily is number one at removing toxins and pollutants from the air. It has dark green leaves and grows a white flower out of the middle of the plant.

English Ivy

This clinging vine has dark green heart shaped leaves and is well known to clean poisons and allergens from the air. It can be trained to climb a support quite easily. It will grow fast and may even have to be cut back because it grows so quickly. Don't be surprised if you must cut it back several times a year.

Flowering Plants

There are even several flowering plants that are great at removing toxins from the air. They make great air purifiers because they do such a good job of cleaning the air for you. Tulips that are in the pots, gerbera daisies, chrysanthemum and anthurium are all such flowering plants. Another highly prized flowering plant is the orchid but these are a little harder to grow.

Where to Buy Air Purifying Plants

Although there are online sites that sell plants, this is one time you may want to go shopping offline too. You can get a good look at the health of the plant when you shop offline. This can be a benefit over shopping online. If there is a garden shop near you this would be the recommended first place to shop for air purifying plants offline. Online if it is a trusted gardening company that you are certain will send only healthy plants or seeds, then you can consider online as an option. You cannot gauge the health of your plants by a picture so make sure it is a company you trust to send only healthy plants.

Other Plants to Look for

When you have decided where to shop you will then need to decide on the plants you want. Take into consideration the type of lighting you have available so you can buy the appropriate plants. You don't want a plant that needs full sun if your home is poorly lit. There are other plants besides those listed to watch out for. These plants are also air purifiers and can be found at many gardening centers.

* Spider plant

* Golden pothos

* Corn plant

* Dwarf date palm

* Florists mum

* Weeping fig

* Kimberly queen fern

* Ficus alii

Enjoy your plants, love them and take care of them and you can get years of air purification from them. They will remove allergens and toxins as well as carbon dioxide so you have clean air for you and your family to breathe. Many people with allergies do better around these plants since they do clean the air so well. It is a good way to have healthier air for everyone to breathe. Aren't you looking forward to better air to breathe? You can get it with just a few dollars.

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