The Different Backsplash Options For The Kitchen And Bathroom Areas

Today’s colorful backsplashes offer an easy way to add style and drama to your kitchen. Available in a range of materials and colors, kitchen backsplashes are as decorative as they are functional and come in any look that suits your kitchen’s style or design. Read on to discover the different types of materials and styles that you can install in your kitchen.


Tile is probably the most popular and common type of kitchen backsplash material. It is cheap, yet extremely durable, easy to clean and highly customizable. There are also specialty tiles that you can use to add personality or to coordinate with wall color, flooring or cabinetry. A good example of specialty tiles is SomerTile Marine Porcelain Mosaic Tiles (available at: bit.ly/1pxP49n) that go for $65.35 for a pack of 10.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel mosaic tiles help create a sleek, textured and beautiful backsplash that is not only easy to maintain, but also a great tool to make a style statement. A perfect example of stainless steel mosaic tiles for creating a backsplash is the Martini Mosaic Aria Ice Stainless Steel sheets that are available at bit.ly/1ubo5lf for $134.68 a set.


Soapstone provides a more rustic look and an easy-to-maintain surface for your backsplash. A good example is the Matte-finish Vermont soapstone from www.vermontsoapstone.com, which goes for $70 per 30" x 84" slab.

Plate Glass

Plate glass backsplash adds a subtle, contemporary look to the room, while providing a stylish, reflective surface that is very easy to clean with vinegar and water or a glass cleaner. A wonderful example is the Mesh-Mounted Stainless Steel and Glass Mosaic Tile available on: amzn.to/1rZfHnq at an affordable price of $33.01 per 12" (Width) X 12" (Length) X 3/8" slab.

Beaded Board

Beaded board, or beadboard, and other wood backsplashes create a farmhouse look or cottage style for your kitchen. It comes in many interesting patterns, from a clean, streamlined look to a textured pattern to add a subtle finishing touch to your décor. You can get quality beadboard paneling from www.homedepot.com, starting from $38.97 for a 4 ft. x 8 ft. panel.

Faux Brick

Faux brick panels are ceramic tiles that imitate the look of bricks. This material allows you to create a smooth, easy-to-clean backsplash that has an authentic, exterior-wall appearance. A great example is the Redstone 32 in. x 47 in. Faux Reclaimed Brick Panel available at: thd.co/1zK0bAw for $99.98.

Natural Slate

If you have stained concrete countertops, slate tiles can provide the color cue to link your countertops with the cabinetry color. But make sure you treat the tiles with a quality top coat or pre-sealer to avoid problems that are associated with the porous nature of natural slate.


A laminate countertop often comes attached onto the countertop, making it one of the easiest and most economical backsplash options. You can get quality Formica 5 in. x 7 in. laminate countertop sheet from as low as $0.25 on www.homedepot.com. This material comes in a wide range of textures, patterns and colors and cleans easily with soap and water.

Pressed-Metal Panels

Pressed-metal panels or tin ceiling can make a practical and beautiful backsplash. This material is heat resistant and waterproof and can be easily cleaned with water and soap. You can get spectacular pressed-metal panels featuring a wide range of stylish designs from a variety of online sources, such as www.pressedtinpanels.com.


Polished marble creates a classic, elegant look, but is prone to staining. As a result, you must be prepared to keep wiping off spatters from grease, wine, fruit juice and coffee. You can get quality Peel and Stick Faux Marble 1-foot tiles from www.overstock.com at $13 per piece. These tiles are easy to set closely, which minimizes grout joints and creates a nearly seamless look.

Stone-Tile Backsplash

Natural stone tiles are perennial choices for a backsplash. They are extremely durable and will typically last longer than any other element in your kitchen’s design. You can use rugged stone tiles to create interesting combinations that play up the subtle textures and patterns of each to suit your style.

Limestone Pavers

Using antique limestone pavers as your backsplash is a great way to make a design statement. This material produces the stylish look of a country Italian kitchen and offers a functional focal point for the room. But, like other stone backsplashes, they must be sealed with a quality sealer to make clean-up easy and to protect them from water and stains. You can get quality and affordable limestone pavers from a range of online sources.

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