Tips For Choosing The Right Basketball Goal For Your Backyard

Basketball is a game filled with fun and excitement. It also keeps you fit and healthy. You need not enroll in a stadium to enjoy the game. All you need is a little space in your backyard. Backyard basketball goals are affordable and beautiful to look. It guarantees full fun and fitness to the entire family. What are the features to look for in the best backyard basketball goal? What are the various options available? What are the popular brands? What are their features? Read further to know the answers to all these questions.



What are the things to consider before buying Backyard basketball goals?

1. Cost - They are available in all price ranges. The price can be as low as 100$ or as high as 5000$ or more. You can choose one to suit your budget.

2. Height - It is better to buy basket ball goals with the option of height adjustment. This is the best option if you have little kids at home. The height can be adjusted as the kids grow.

3. Quality - Low quality basketball goals lack in stability. They also lack durability. When they are not stable they may tip over when the wind is rough. High quality basketball systems will remain sturdy and strong for numerous years.

4. Backboard - It is made from different materials like composite, steel, wood, aluminium, plastic and fiberglass etc. The choice of material depends upon the level of your game. For example, composite is best for beginners.

5. Make sure that it is easy to assemble and easy to move.

What are the some of the best Backyard basketball goals on the market?

1. Lifetime 1588 XL Adjustable Portable Basketball system - This is one of the best products. The price is around 300$. It is sturdy and strong. It is not affected by rough weather or rough play. The base can be filled with water or sand. It comes with 5-year warranty. The height can be easily adjusted. The backboard is made of polycarbonate and is unbreakable.

2. Goalsetter Signature series - There are 6 models in the signature series. They are MVP, Captain, All-American, All-Star, Contender and Champion. All of them are adjustable. They all have a structural steel backboard frame. They are corrosion resistant because of the acrylic enamel finish. The price varies from one model to another. It ranges from 1200$ to 2000$.

3. LIfetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System - This is affordable to all. It costs just 170$. It is offered for 109$ online. It is portable. It has a roller base that can be filled with water or sand. It is durable and rust-proof. It has polyethylene backboard and black steel rim.

4. Produnk - Produnk offers Adjustable in-ground basketball system, fixed height in-ground basketball system and roof mount backyard basketball goals. They are suitable for aspiring basketball players and professionals. The adjustable systems range from 1000 to 2000$. The fixed height models do not exceed 1700$. They cost lesser than the adjustable models and are the best option to homes where all kids have grown up. The roof mount models are lesser than 1000$. They are suitable to homes with narrow driveway. All of them are suitable for both fun and competitive play.

5. American Eagle Basketball goals - They are sturdier and durable. They have a tempered glass backboard that improves the looks. The height can be adjusted and the power coating is scratch-proof. There are many models to suit players of all ages and skill levels. It comes with lifetime warranty. The prices range from 1000 to 2000$.

6. Spalding 'The Beast' 74560 - This is one of the strongest and the most stable backyard basketball systems. It has a very wide base with 50 gallon capacity. The backboard is made of fiber glass and is framed with steel and aluminium to make it strong. The price is below 1000$ when bought online from amazon.com.

7. Reebok 51547 Shatter Guard Black Fusion - It has great looks with safety protections. It has polycarbonate backboard. It is stable and durable. Its price is below 300$. It comes with 5 years warranty. It has a rust-resistant finish. The base can be filled with sand or water and has a capacity of 38 gallon. It is portable and height adjustable. Height can be adjusted effortlessly.

8. Goalsetter Elite basketball system - It has a steel framed glass tempered backboard. Height can be adjusted. It comes with a 5 year warranty. The price is below 800$. It is suitable for even the youngest player.

9. Spalding NBA 63559 - It is one of the best among the budget basketball goals. It is the best option for little kids. It may not be suitable for competitive play. It is portable and height adjustable. Its base has a capacity of 26.5 gallon.

10. Lifetime 51550 Shatter Guard Fusion - The backboard is made using Makrolon polycarbonate technology. It has greater stability, sturdity and durability. The price is very reasonable. It costs just 230$. The best feature is that it can handle professional play in spite of the low price. It is the best option for families that are on a budget. It has a 5-year warranty.

There are many more brands offering a wide array of choices. You can buy backyard basketball goals online. There are many websites that sell them. Make sure you compare prices before placing orders online. Look out for free shipping offer. Most of the baseball goals are easy to install and they give clear instructions on how to install and how to move. It is better to look for free installation offers if you are not confident that you can install it yourself.

Make sure that you have enough space for free throw line in your backyard. The model you choose must fit in the available space. It is true that performance and design are important while buying a basketball system, but safety is the highest priority. Make sure that the basketball goal you choose is extremely safe and will not cause any damages or accidents. The basketball system you choose should suit all your needs and your budget. You should compare the features of various models before making the final decision.

When you buy backyard basketball goals make sure that you buy the right accessories. Right accessories will help you in improving your game and preventing injuries. Most of the websites that deal with backyard basketball goals also deal with accessories too. They can be bought together. Backyard basketball goals are a good addition for your home.

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