Help Your Kids Have Fun At Home With Backyard Playsets

Backyard playsets run the gamut from the basic swingsets that most of us grew up with, to very elaborate set ups with long curvy tunnel slides, and walkways. Backyard playsets vary in quantity and quality.

1) One set for younger children that could be considered is Home Depot's multiplay set. It can be located at www.homedepot.com It comes in brown with a green slide. The set has a playhouse that is located underneath the swings. It is a bargain at 539.00 The product dimensions are 115wx 75 height. and comes with free shipping. This is a considerable bonus as the costs of many of these sets are expensive.

2) One of the swingsets that could be considered for older children would include the Willygoat Sherwood Tower Swing and Play set. W9P928. The dimensions ar 20x 13x11. The set includes a green tower, a bridge, an chalkboard slide. It is competitively priced at just 699.00 plus shipping. It is located at www.willygoatcom.

3) For a basic metal swingset one could get a set such as the one that is located on willygoat. It is basic red and blue metal swingset. The item comes with 2 board swings as well. It is made by Kettler. The model number is 83270. It is currently priced at 488.00. The product dimensions are 10xl x 7w 6.5 depth. The item is on sale until September 15th. One needs to ontact willygoat or go to the website to find out the shipping information on this product.

4) Other possible backyard playsets that one could consider in the high end range woud include Cedarworks frolic playset that is located at www.Cedarworks.com There are several models of this playet, and specific prices are not mentioned. However, a fairly basic model comes with a blue slide a tower, 6 decks and has a seesaw with it. The set has the specifications of 11wx 16x'deep and 15' H. It is the basic frolic model.

5) Wooden playgrounds have been popular for at least the past 30 years, and a deluxe model of playset can be located at www.skytower.com. The Friendly fortress swingset is 7 feet high and is a ultra large set with 12 decks and several swings. It also has a tether ball associated with it. This is not an inexpensive set, but your chid and your childr friends should have hours of fun on this unique playset from the folks at skytower. The model number was not readily available, but one can call for a quote and inquire about shipping.

6) One of the other playsets that is available for backyard fun would include the high end Big Skye ll that is avaialable at the Home Depot. This set is not cheap at 3,248.00. It comes with green slide and towers and at least 12 decks. It is model 001-008. It has a 240 inch width. The height is 156 inches and a 312 inch length. All of the Home Depot lpaysets that are available currently have a 200.00 reduction on the prices, as we are coming to the end of the summer. This set is quite elaborate, as it should be for the price range, but it does include free shipping and in store or home delviery as an option.

7) Another backyard playset that could be considered would be the Flexible Flyers Swing and Guide III. This can be located on www.Amazon.com for the low price of 162.00. This set is blue and also has some plain metal as part of it. This is a good basic swingset that comes with two swings and a teeter totter. This is a good bargain for someone that does not want to spend an excessive amount of money on a swingset. Shipping costs vary, but Those who have Amazon prime can get this backyard plaset shipped for free with 2 day shipping.

8) One of the other items that is located on Amazon includes the Skyfort play set made by Adventure things. This is a deluxe set that comes with a 10 wave slide. It has the additon of a front porch and balcony. It comes with a 40x 60 sandbox. It also features a solid rock wall for climbing fun. It has 22.7w x18 inch depth and 12.5 height. It is assigned number B002NWh5PM. This is a good all around play set that is affordably priced at just over 1,200 dollars. Since it is made of cedar it is both insect and rot resistant, so it can make a nice backyard addition.

9) A Little tykes playset perfect for the toddlers in the family can be located at www.Target.com. This playset is a step 2 product. It retails for 159.99. The product is a dockside, sandbox and climber. It is brown, red and blue. It is pefect for the younger set as it is low to the ground. The product dimension is 40 in 30 width and 14 inch height. It's online number is 13851120. This comes with some shipping charges but little kids should have a great deal of fun with this playset.

10) One of the last products in the backyard playset types is the one of the space series type of adventure playsets. This is available from www.backyardadventures.com. This does not have a model number assigned to it and individuals should call for a quote. There is an 800 number located onsite. This set is ideal if you have a small backyard since it can be used in a small space. The treehouse has a two position arm so it can be adjusted as your children grow. It has a deck height of 4-8.5 inches, swing 8-10 inches, and a slide length of 10 to 14 inches.

Those who wish to buy a backyard playset should take into account the age and size of their child. All of the swingsets have a weight requirement on them. Also, prior to purchase one should find out how easy the set is to construct. Frequent complaints about the sets is that they are too difficult to put together. Backyard playsets are great for children as they grow, but having a set that is adjustable may be the best bet, that way as the children grow larger. the swingset does too. One shoud get several years of use out of a playset.

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