Learning More About Backyard Zip Line Kits

For those who want to have fun with their children or they just want to gift their children something that will allow them to spend hours having tons of fun, Backyard Zip line kits are certainly one of the best things they can offer them. These kits consist of a cable that's anchored between 2 posts or trees with a handle that's attached to the wire. Using them is very simple and a person will have to hold onto the handle and go down the line.

If anyone is interested in such kits they should know that on the market they will find plenty of them and these kits will offer people everything they need in order to have them installed in a backyard. People may also recognize these kits by other names like zip wires, but regardless of how they are called, they will let people in on the same amount of fun. Below individuals will be able to read the top five things they have to keep in mind when purchasing a kit.

1. First of all individual will have to ensure the kits they want to purchase are manufactured by a company that has a good reputation in the industry. Great stores will always sell things which are of great quality and can be trusted. There are cases in which customers will have questions and in this case the store should be able of answering that question with plenty of details while giving expert advice. Customers may not know anything or too much about the wires, case in which they can just inquire the store. More to that, good Backyard Zip line kits will always come accompanied by a safety certification.

2. Zip kits are very important to be purchased new and even though individuals might find them for a lower price, yet in used condition, they should refrain from making the purchase. Buying a used line is not safe and not reliable as well. After the individual has installed it there is a chance it could break. All purchases of these kits should be made from a reliable store and the items should always be in new condition. New kits are always safe and will always come with a warranty certificate.

3. When getting these kits people will have to know as much as possible about the weight that will be put on the line. This is because the lines will come with a certain limit and if the limit is disregarded by the user, eventually accidents could happen that may even result in severe injuries. If someone would love to buy one such kit in order for his kids to enjoy it, he will just need to specify to the salesperson that he wants it for this purpose.

Installing the kit is also important and everyone should ensure they will follow the instructions very well. If not installed correctly the kit could easily break and even cause accidents to happen. Even though the manufacturer is known for the high quality Backyard Zip line kits it produces, not following the instructions to install the kit correctly may not yield maximum safety to the users.

4. When the children are using the zip wire it's recommended they are supervised by an adult. This is because most of the times they will definitely use the wire incorrectly which may result in them getting hurt. Adults should also refrain from using the line alone. If someone will maybe twist his or her ankle when jumping off, it's always recommended there is a person near to provide help. Playing as a group is also way more fun than playing alone.

5. The zip line kit should be used according to the safety rules and only wearing appropriate clothing. Long hair and certain clothing pieces can get stuck in the handle, yet wearing a helmet or hat can prevent that. If the zip wire is used over a lake, it's recommended people will wear a life jacket. It seems that using zip line kits is great fun and always a good way to spend some free time as long as they are used correctly.

Examples of Backyard Zip line kits that can be found on www.Amazon.com:

1) Spring Swings Fun Ride Original Zip Line: It has a price of $49.49 and comes in brown. It's adult safe and very easy to assemble.

2) Spring Swings Super Z Fun Ride: It has a price of $144.99 and comes in a dark blue color. Ships for free, can be used by adults and it's very simple to assemble.

3) Spring Swings Deluxe Fun Ride: It has a price of $98.99, comes in green, yellow and many other colors. It comes with a strong steel stranded aircraft cable and it's easy to install.

4) Spring Swings Backyard Zip Line: This retails for $59.99 has a maximum load of 100 lbs and comes with a thirty five foot wire.

5) Slackers 90' Zipline Hawk Series Kit: This kit retails for $138.55 comes in dark blue color, simple to install and has impact and weather resistant pieces.

6) AF-Xtreme 100: Comes in a purple-pink color, retails for $259.95 and it has an integrated braking system. It's an all season zip flier.

7) Fun Ride Deluxe Zip Line: It retails for $98.99, it can support up to 225 pounds and it weighs five pounds.

8) AF-Xtreme 200: It's sold for $279.95, comes with included hardware, offers smooth ride and it's easy to setup.

9) Limited Edition AF Green Kit: This kit is sold for $149.95, comes in a green color, it's made in the USA and it's simple to install.

10) AF-Xtreme Ultimate 100: This kit retails for $354.95, it's recommended for kids of 6 years old or more, comes in a pink-purple color and it's very resistant to the elements .

It seems that there are plenty of Backyard Zip line kits out there and when buying one, people need to be very careful. They come in all sorts of models and for different ages and weight limits, so they are really a great way to have fun!

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