Steps To Installing Bathroom Vanity Side Splashes, Plus Where To Buy Them

The moment you buy and install a sink or a vanity in your kitchen or bathroom, then it means you'll be subjecting these household items to the possibility of damage from water or cleaning chemicals. Therefore, to help you reduce the rate of wear and tear, you can opt to install side splashes instead. These can be made from stone, tile, or just any matching material that syncs well with your home decor.

So if you're the kind of person who loves to DIY their own projects, then this guide will give you all the details on how to install these side splashes, plus a few examples of the items you'll be working with.

To install side splashes, you'll first need to measure the area you want to work on. Here are the tools you will need:

- Tiles (they can be appropriately cut at the store)
- Tube of bathroom and tile caulk
- Putty knife
- Caulk gun

First, you have to test the fit all the tiles before you can apply adhesive. Again, most tiles used in such projects are less than 6'' in size, plus they provide proper grout spacing in between the tiles. This means you won't need space blocks. So your job is to place the tiles as close as possible to each other and the grout lines will automatically form.

Now that you've completed this part, it's time you apply some construction-grade adhesive on the back of the tiles, leaving an open space so the adhesive will have sufficient allowance to expand before it can be pressed on the wall.


Tile mastic are only purchased for big projects. Otherwise, if you're working on a few tiles, then purchasing a tile mastic will be a waste of money, especially if you will not use the leftover again.

So the next step is to press the tiles on the walls so they can level up with the existing ones. The tiles should leave grout spaces where you can fill up with caulk. If you like, you can use a tile and tub caulk because this product tends to match a variety of decors, plus they offer a water-tight solution without you having to fill up the grout spaces. Furthermore, this product contains bacteria-fighting ingredients that prevent them from building up on the moist areas of the wall.

Again, depending on the kind of outcome you're expecting from this project, you may use colored grout for colored tiles. On the other hand, if you're using marble, unglazed tile or stone, then ensure that the construction-grade adhesive is compatible with the type of tile material you're using, otherwise some discoloration will form on the tile due to chemicals leaching through the porous tile spaces.

Glazed tile generally don't have this problem since they are not porous in nature, so if you plan to use glazed tiles on this project, then the type of adhesive you use won't discolor the walls months later.

Furthermore, your vanity top most likely has a curved shape, so you're going to have one of the tiles cut to fit in this area. Make sure you bring a paper template or cardboard showing the exact form of this cut, otherwise, you'll have to make a return trip to the store to have this rectified.

Now that you can do the job on your own, here are a few bathroom vanity side splashes to consider:

1) Stone effects side splash in Oasis (http://is.gd/OMexaX)

This product will protect your bathroom or kitchen vanity top from the deadly effects of water. It has a bacteria, stain or mold resistant surface. It can be installed with a construction adhesive in minutes. They cost $14 each.

2) Pegasus 20'' Granite side splash in Beige (http://is.gd/1cGUvV)

These are genuine side splash which can be installed just about anywhere there's a vanity top. You can install them either on the right to give that top the look it was missing. They cost $24 each, and a limited lifetime warranty is provided on all purchases.

3) St. Paul 48.5'' Stone Effects Backsplash in Cascade (http://is.gd/LIuqDc)

This backsplash stone effect tile will add an elegant look to your vanity top, while protecting it from the deadly effects of moisture damage. They are easy to install, plus their smooth surface is resistant to bacteria, moisture and many other harmful elements. The cost is $56 each.

4) Swanstone 21 in. W Solid Surface Sidesplash in White (http://is.gd/iJXJZR)

These tiles are best installed on Ellipse vanity tops. They can also be used on one or both ends so as to protect your walls from water and stains. They cost $30 each.

5) 20.5'' Color point Composite Side Splash (http://is.gd/1w3kBL)

If you have a Colorpoint Maui Vanity top with an oval sink incorporated, then these side splashes will help your project turn into a success. They're easy to install, plus no sealing is usually required with these side splashes. The cost is $22 each.

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