8 Examples Of Cellar Hatchway Doors That You Can Rely On

Cellar hatchway doors are used as entrance to a basement. An advantage of these doors is that they save time and money during construction. Moreover, they can be used to increase security. Most of these doors are easy to install and are made with adjustable frames that can fit anywhere. Take a look at the following examples.

1) Gordon Cellar Door Model #CDo (http://is.gd/HRHtLE)

The Gordon Cellar door is made using heavy gauge steel meaning that is durable and reliable when installed for long-term usage. Moreover, it is reinforced with galvanized sill and flangs that are designed to flash water away from the door; seamlessly. It is sold in primed-finish and is ready to be painted to suit different conditions. This Cellar door costs anywhere between $418 and $420.

2) Bilco Basement Classic Door Size C (http://is.gd/NBN7UL)

Bilco is a company with an outstanding reputation as far as construction of cellar hatchway doors is concerned; the company has been in existence since 1926. Their size c doors have a length of 72 inches and are compliant with IRC 2012 building code requirements. Moreover, they are easy to install and come reinforced with a slide-bolt locking mechanism. Gas spring lift assistance, keyed lock kit and a wide variety of extensions are provided as well. The door costs between $548 and $550.

3) Gordon Cellar Door Model #CDSL (http://is.gd/iHbARP)

Gordon Cellar door model #CDSL is built with a terrific egress from the basement. It is designed in such a manner that it is highly durable and quite economical to the home owner. Constructed using heavy gauge steel and galvanized steel sill, the door provides extra security that one might need. This model is available in primed finish, ready to be painted. The door costs $479.

4) Bilco Sloped Wall Door Model #SLW4651N (http://is.gd/VNupRJ)

This unique type of door is designed for installation on areaways that have sloped sidewalls built into the motor home’s foundation. The door is designed and manufactured in the USA and is compliant with IRC 2012 building code requirements. It has a slide bolt locking mechanism and its length is adjustable to allow for installation flexibility. Unlike other Bilco door models, this one comes already painted. It weighs 168 lbs costs $519.

5) Gordon Cellar Door for Flat Foundations Model #CDSL (http://is.gd/iHbARP)

This is a sloped cellar hatchway door variety that is meant for flat surfaces. Designed with an egress that complies with the local building codes, this product is made of heavy gauge steel. To ensure foolproof protection, it is designed with flanges whose main role is to flash water way from the door. It comes in prime finish and weighs 190 lbs. Price:$479.

6) Bilco Classic Series Door (http://is.gd/lmo6aP)

If you are looking for a door with durable and attractive finish – one that offers a unique finish as compared to conventional paint, Bilco Classic series door with sandstone powder coat would be ideal. For added durability and safety, the door is coated with polyester resin a feat that makes it weather resistant and environmentally friendly. This costs $659.

7) Gordon 49” by 63” by 22” Cellar Door Model#CD-2 (http://is.gd/uHTVku)

This is a door that is made of heavy-gauge (reinforced) steel. It features a seamless header and stainless steel hinges; feats which give it long service life. The door is primed red and is pretty thick which makes it ideal for both residential and commercial settings. Moreover, despite it being primed red, you can always paint it into a color that suits your individual requirements. The door weighs 150lbs and comes with a 5 year warranty that covers all of its parts. It costs $385-$395.

8) Gordon Cellar Door 44-1/2 Model #RD1 (http://www.lowes.com/pd_13379-1351-RD-1_0__?productId=3039658)

This is a red steel door that is made of heavy gauge steel and reinforced with galvanized sill and a seamless header. It is categorized as heavy-duty 3/32 inch thick a feat that makes it durable and suitable for all-weather use. Above all, it is made using stainless steel hinges which are resistant to wear and tear. The door is primed in red but can be repainted into any other color to suit unique needs. This door costs in the range of $377 and $378.

In a nutshell, the best hatchway basement doors are ones that are packaged in such a way that they are easy to ship and install. The examples we have discussed above meet most of the requirements for household and commercial usage.

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