Decorative And Useful Wall Shelves Suggestions For Your Home

Wall shelves add a unique kind of beauty to each and every room in your home. Here are some of great decorative wall shelves suggestions that you may want to check out and draw inspiration from in improving your home's interior.

1. Triple Mirror Train Rack - This rack will attract the members of your household who has a passion for mirrors. Its design shows off a unique design of 3 mirrors attached to an iron rack, that has 4 hooks where you can place some essentials, like coats, umbrellas, bags or any other accessories. You can have it placed right before the door. It serves a triple purpose. First, you can hang some of the essential things you don't want to forget. Second, you have additional mirrors in the house. Third, it adds a great design to your home.

Online Store/Website: Pottery Barn/ http://www.potterybarn.com
Price: $199
Dimensions: 29.5" wide x 10.25" deep x 23" high
Color: blacksmith iron finish

2. Umbra Conceal Floating Book Shelf - Large - This shelf gives you the illusion that the stuff you've placed on top of it are indeed floating. Imagine having these as conversation starters for anyone who comes to visit. You can choose to put in some exciting collectibles and make them look like nothing's holding them. Whether it's in the living room, the kitchen or the bedroom, it will make a beautiful difference.

Online Store/Website:The Shelving Store/ www.theshelvingstore.com
Price: $11.49
Dimensions: 6 1/2"d x 7"w 5 1/2h
Product Code: 330633-560

3. White Wall Cubes, Set of 3 - These 3 individual shelves create a clean, minimalist effect to any room due to its color and simplicity. They make look simple and white, but you can create a contrast to it by adding some colorful combinations of collectibles, books or photo frames.

Online Store/Website:Walmart/ www.walmart.com
Price: $24.97
Dimensions: L: 9.875 x 9.875 x 3.375, M: 7.875 x 7.875 x 3.375, S: 6 x 6 x 3.375
Color: White
Model Number: #39401W

4. Dentil Curio Wall Display Shelf - This wooden shelf can add a classy look to your home. It features beautiful arches where you can put it some of your glass decors or other collectibles. Since you get to hang it, it will definitely create space for the things you didn't know where to put. It can be suitable in both the living room and the kitchen.

Online Store/Website: www.touchofclass.com
Price: $239
Dimensions: 37"Wx6"Dx20"H; weighs 18 lbs.
Color: honey oak or classic cherry

5. Large Corner Shelf- Walnut Finish - Who says that the corners of a room has to be bare? You can use up even the corners of your home to put in some stuff that you want to display. This shelf will do the work for you in a neat yet classy way. Since there are lots of corners in your home that you have probably already forgotten or things that you have kept because you don't have space for them, now you can find a space for it through this corner shelf.

Online Store/Website: www.target.com
Price: $47.99
Dimensions: 48.5 " H x 7.75 " W x 7.5 " D
Color: Walnut, wood finish
Model Number: 13820056

6. Studio Wall Shelf - Not only artistic and creative people can get away with this Studio Wall Shelf from Pottery Barn. This shelf has more depth so you can put in larger stuff. Its feet are self-leveling so you can trust on their stability. It can also add a very creative look to any type of room. Installation is simple too. Moreover, you can purchase several of these shelves to use in any room of the house.\

Online Store/Website:www.potterybarn.com
Dimensions:34" wide x 18" deep x 75" high
Color: antique white, black, espresso stain

7. Glass Shelf Peach with Jam Set - This is a simple shelf that can add a sophisticated look to any room. It may be more suitable inside your bathroom since it's easier to clean. The material, however, is fit to be placed in any kind of room. Glass has always been associated with elegance and class. You can't go wrong with a shelf made out of glass.

Online Store/Website: www.theshelvingstore.com
Dimensions: 9"d x 16"w x 5/16"h
Color: clear glass with silver toned mounting hardware
Product Code: GA1

8. Hokku Designs Somer Hanging Shelves and Cabinet in Red Cocoa - This set is good for containing many things. The shelves plus cabinet will create a complete look to any living room. You can put in different things that you need to display. You can actually group all the things that you need to sort in one area, depending on where you want to place the the hanging shelves and cabinet. Elegance is also something that this set will project, plus of course, functionality. The shelves and the cabinet are very useful for holding important things; those that you want to hide and those that you want to put on display.

Online Store/Website: www.walmart.com
Price: $161.99
Dimensions: 15.5 x 60.0 x 22.0 (LxWxH)
Color: Warm red cocoa finish
Model Number: KUI2150

9. Dagian Wall Shelves - Elegance is something that these shelves would like to create in any room. This is where you can put in your photo frames and other delicate collectibles. Its combination of metal and wood states nothing but class. You can buy multiple sizes and put them together to create a nice design on your wall. Your living room won't be the same after you've put these shelves up. Moreover, you can even hang these on walls that would fit the room design, but since it's made of metal and wood, it can go with everything else.

Online Store/Website: www.touchofclass.com
Dimensions: 5.5"Dx5"H.
Color: copper finish

10. Decorative Ledge - Imagine a ledge that creates a worn-out and salvaged look, yet where you can put in some useful stuff like frames and candles. It has a triple-tiered design that still adds a touch of class, despite the chipped and sanded colors. You can put up different ledges in certain parts of your home and come up with ways on how to spice them up. You can even put in some vases with fresh flowers on them. On another ledge, you can put in some candle holders or collectibles.

Online Store/Website: www.potterybarn.com
Dimensions: 66" wide x 9" deep x 15.5" high
Color: sanded brown and white

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