The Latest Electric And Gel Fuel Fireplaces Available On The Web

Nowadays traditional gas fireplaces are becoming obsolete because gel fuel and electrical fireplaces are slowly replacing them in many households. These two latest models are much better choice because they come in a wide variety of colours, styles and concepts but best of all, they do no utilize vents anymore. However, the big difference between the two lies on the process of producing heat: gel fireplaces make use of fuel in gel form while electric fireplace create heat by means of electricity.

1. SEI Wexford Petite Convertible Gel Fireplace - This particular fireplace is sold in www.amazon.com and onc you settle for this product, you get to avail their free shipping saving you a lot of money. With just $241.75, you can have a fireplace which has the capacity to hold up to 3 cans of gel fuel and has a mantel which can support up to 30 kilos.

2. Edgerton Ventless Wall Fireplace - If you are aiming for sophistication in your home, then this gel fuel fireplace could help complement your overall theme. It is powder coated and is made from stainless steel. Its wall-hung feature and easy adjustment features are added reasons why you should purchase this product from www.realflame.com. Just pay $379.00 and you can also take advantage of its free shipping offer.

3. Wyatt Portable Gel Fireplace - This product measures only 30 inches high, 23 inches wide and17 inches deep, perfect for lugging anywhere in the house. This fireplace with item number 13140394 from www.overstock.com has an elegant look due to its decorative scroll work and bell tower top. Aside from its aesthetic value, its manufacturers are also proud of its durability and its capacity to hold up to four gel cans.

4. Real Flame Hudson Entertainment Centre with Ventless Gel Fireplace - If you do not the luxury of space, this fireplace from www.soothingfireplaces.com can offer you a solution because their furniture has dual purpose. This 67.75 inch by 26.50 inch fireplace can hold up to 50 kilos television complete with glass doors so you can easily check out all your audio and video collection. Its capacity to produce heat is not compromised either as it can emit up to 9,000 BTUs of heat hourly which can last up to 3 hours. It can cost you more than $700 but this is one of the online shop's best sellers.

5. Real Flame Ashley 48 inch Gel Fuel Fireplace in White - With its elegant and carefully crafted pillars and supports, it is easy to understand why this is the best-selling fireplace in www.homedepot.com. When you order this model with number 7100-W, you can be guaranteed you can have a fireplace made from solid wood with white powder coated finish. For only $469.99, you can have this easy-to-assemble fireplace and just be ready to receive many great compliments from your friends and families.

6. Lancaster 23"Antique Oak Electric Fireplace Roll Away Mantel Package - If you have always admired the look of traditional fireplaces, then this is fireplace from www.electricfireplacesdire.com is for you. This 27.5 inch by 31 inch fireplace look like the old fireplace found in your ancestral homes but with improved safety and convenience features. Moreover, it is also cost efficient to utilize as it would only cost you 2 cents an hour without heat and 7 cents with heat. It really helps to know that its manufacturer, ClassicFrame, is known for producing the finest electric fireplace.

7. Duraflame Small Electric Stove - If you cannot afford to splurge on a fireplace, you can check out this product from www.electricfireplacesdirect.com. It costs only $99.98 but you can own a fireplace enclosed in an antique style black stove complete with a glowing log. This model may only measure 16.23 inch by 19.68 inch however it can still produce 4600 BTUs hourly which is sufficient to bring warmth in a 400 square foot room. Additionally, it comes with a thermostat, ventless heater and no need for hook-ups as well.

8. Dimplex Action Media Console - The maker of this fireplace is known for its innovative creations and you should expect nothing less in all of their products and this fireplace is no exception. With such contemporary style and white birch finish, you'll tend to forget that it also has adjustable shelves, big storage capacity and multi-function remote. Similar to all products offered by the company, it has also their patented Dimplex flame technology which produces illusion of actual woods burning. Not to forget, they also have their cord management system which allows homeowners to hide those electrical cords for that clean minimalist look. You can check this product as well as their other offered fireplaces in www.dimplex.com.

9. Hampton Bay 46 inch Wall/Corner Media Console Electric Fireplace - This product is available in www.homedepot.com and is perfect for homeowners who prefer multi-function furniture. It has a centralized shelf with compartment dividers on it which allows you to keep and easy organization of all your media files. For just $299.99, you can enjoy the SpectraFire technology that can be utilized with or without the use of heat whatever the season might be. Furthermore, it can also be a great addition to any room in your house as it midnight cherry colour can complement almost any colours and this fireplace can also be configured either on a wall or in a corner.

10. Adam Iowa Electric Inset Fire - This fireplace is made from steel and has overheating and safety cut out feature. With two independent heat settings, you can utilize this tool for all year round. You can purchase this model from www.argos.co.uk and it is delivered to you fully assembled.

You will never run out of choices on the web and sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming. However, just take note of needs of your family and home and take it from there. It can also help you narrow down your selection by pointing out your favourite online furniture shop or even limiting your choice with a particular brand.


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