The Ten Best Types Of Lawn And Garden Irrigation Systems

Watering your lawn or garden is very essential especially in the dry season. There is nothing that is more becoming than a well-watered and luscious lawn or garden. However, to get the right balance of water in your garden, you need to select the right kind of garden or lawn sprinkler. Here are the four common types of garden sprinklers and their features.

The single stream lawn sprinkler: This system is ideal for a medium sized lawn or garden. It has a 360 degree arc through which the water travels. This ensures that all parts of the yard are well covered. When they are not in use, they simply collapse to allow you to do other activities such as moving the lawn or weeding the garden. Here are three of the best single stream sprinklers in the market.

1) Toro 53757 single stream lawn sprinkler: This system reaches a radius of 15 to 33 feet. It includes nine interchangeable arc discs that are useful in customizing patterns from 90 to 360 degrees. It can also be combined with other irrigation systems for better results. The system is available in metallic grey and magenta. You can get a new model from www.amazon.com for as little as $19. Sites like eBay also auction off used models of the same.

2) Toro ProStream Lawn Sprinkler 53792: This model is from the same company but differs a little from the 53757. It has a wider coverage area of 27 to 42 feet. It also boasts a pre-installed 30 GPM nuzzle. It is also available in metallic grey and magenta. You can find it at Denny and Kathy's superstore for $15 dollars. The product is also available on www.amazon.com at the same price.

3) The Rain Bird 4-Inch single stream sprinkler 52SA: This model is made of stainless steel. It can irrigate a radius of 25 to 50 feet making it ideal for large lawns. The nozzle on this model is adjustable from 40 to 360 degrees. It also has a 4 inch pop up to reach any tall grass present. It comes in metallic grey. You can find this model at a price of $18.58 on www.amazon.com. It is also available on Grady's online, ANTOnline and ProMax commerce at a little extra cost.

Oscillating sprinklers: These ones usually have multiple holes through which water is disbursed. The holes move back and forth to deliver water in a rectangular pattern. With the latest models, it is possible to adjust the distance that the water reaches. These sprinkler systems are also known to withstand harsh weather and are very durable. Here, are a few of the best oscillating sprinklers.

1) Melnor Garden Hose 4200M: This is a turbo metal oscillator with flow control. It comes in metallic grey and retails at a cost of $38 on average. It has the ability to water up to 39,000 square feet. It has a sturdy metallic base and a fully adjustable range and width control. You can buy this sprinkle model at www.homedepot.com.

2) Ace oscillator sprinkler 4200a: this model also has 39,000 square feet coverage. It boasts a 2 stage turbo motor which makes it last longer. It is available in jungle green and grey colors. The model retails at a price of $17.06 on www.amazon.com. You can also find it at The Home Depot at a little extra cost.

3) Gilmour group 7800 pv oscillator sprinkler: This model is ideal for medium sized lawns as it covers an area of 35,000 square feet. It has 12 adjustable jets, rotational jets and jet dials. The model comes in a mixture of black and turquoise colors. It retails at a cost of $19.64 on build.com.

Impulse or impact sprinklers: These are the models to go for if you have an extensive lawn. You can use an internal jet and external hammer to shoot jets of water in a circular pattern with this sprinkler. It is popular due to the ample coverage that it provides. Here are the best two models of impulse sprinklers in the market today.

1) Rainbird 2045 J08 impact sprinkler: This sprinkler retails for as little as $11 on sprinklersupplystore.com. It comes in deep grey and black colors. It has a proven impact arm that slows down the rotation speed and increases the coverage. This model can cover upwards of 40,000 square feet.

2) Buckner Storm 65 p Impact sprinkler: This model comes in grey. It has a 20 to 340 degree or full circle operation. It sprays water at a pressure of 25 to 60 PSI. It also has chemical resistant seals to increase durability. It retails at a cost of $11.10 on www.impactsprinklers.net.

Traveling sprinkler system: This is the fourth type of home irrigation system that we have. It follows a hose or a track that the homeowner lays out in irrigating the yard. It has thorough coverage and excellent rates of moisture. All you have to do is vary the hose pattern in your yard and you will get excellent coverage from this sprinkler. Here, are the two best models of traveling sprinklers in the market.

1) The Nelson 1865 Raintrain Traveling sprinkler: This model travels along a path of five to eight inch attached hose. It has a two year warranty, adjustable rotary spray arms and a rust proof C-iron construction. It works well in lawns of all sizes. You can get this model at a cost of $60.00 0m www.amazon.com.

2) Orbit 58322 traveling sprinkler: The body of this model is green in color to match your lawn. The sprinkler is self-propelled and has a three position speed control. You can adjust the diameter of the spray coverage to suit your needs. It also has an automatic shut off and coverage of up to 55 feet. You can find this model at a cost of $55.27 on www.amazon.com. Other places where you can buy it include The Price Pros, 7 Gifts and Sprinkler System store.

Those are ten of the best sprinkler systems in the market, arranged according to type. Remember that the model you choose will depend on the size of your lawn or garden, your budget and the coverage you desire.

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