Factors To Consider When Buying Hand Held Shower Attachments

Few places in the home are distinctly just for you such as the bathroom. This does allow you as the homeowner to express yourself and try out new things in terms of designing the bathroom so as to turn it into a highly relaxing spot where you unwind and relax. Whether you want to create a modern, traditional or rustic bathroom the market is awash with products such as shower accessories that can make a lot of difference to the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Handheld bathroom accessories allow homeowners to add some finishing touches and coordinate their décor within the bathroom, keeping it stylish and beautiful. When choosing such accessories, it is important to take into consideration factors such as the length of the hose, the number of settings it has fitted and whether you can use the handheld shower and the showerhead at the same time without compromising the water pressure. It is also important to take into consideration the ease of installing the handheld water shower: the easier it is to install the better.

Here are good examples of hand held shower attachments readily available in the market, they include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Glacier Bay 5 Function Showerhead and Hand shower Combo kit (Brush Nickel)

Product Price: $ 88.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/lE22q3

Product Details: easy installation with no tools required, the system simply attachés to the shower arm. The hand held shower does have eight inches of movement along the entire bar, this does allow for easy adjustments: making it quite ideal for the entire family. The ergonomically designed diverter and handheld bracket makes it easy to use and even customize. The self adhesive tape and the suction cup can adhere to textured, porous or smooth surfaces. With a five spray setting, you can choose from pulse, full/massage, Combination, power and full options. The waist high 3 way diverter does allow users to change settings as they may require without reaching out to the water stream.

2) Product Name: Delta In2ition 5 Spray 2 in 1 Hand shower (Brushed Nickel)

Product Price: $ 79.98

Product URL: http://is.gd/acWAGB

Product Details: it is quite easy to install and very durable. It comes with a three way inverter which allows users to select from three different operations namely, the hand shower, the shower head or both at the same time. It is fitted with a matching plated face and also a push button pause control functionality. It does have a lifetime limited warranty which covers the parts. The extra wide shower head does have adjustable settings. It has a 7.2 Inch flexible hose for greater functionality.

3) Product Name: Waterpik Elements 5 Mode Handheld Shower (Chrome)

Product Price: $ 22.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/Hr7uif

Product Details: comes in a new contemporary style, it does provide an advanced OptiFlow high pressure and full body spray. It is worth mentioning that the advanced OptiFlow technology used in this product does provide at least thirty percent more water force to users. It is easy to install and there is no assembly required whatsoever. This shower head and power spray does deliver a versatile and amazing shower: from a pulsating or high pressure massage to a full body spray and anything therein between. It does offer users with a stylish and sleek metal face which are fitted with ant-clog nozzles.

4) Product Name: DreamSpa 3 Way Hand Held / Rainfall Combo

Product Price: $ 39.96

Product URL: http://is.gd/jw36wN

Product Details: offers users a tool free installation, has seven settings which include Water saving pause, Power Rain, Hydro-Mist, Pulsating massage, Eco-Rain, Rain/Massage and Rain/Mist. Users can use both showers together or use them separately. It does also have a five inch stainless steel hose and some conically shaped nuts which make tightening a tad easier .It also has a three way diverter which is patented and is combined with an angle adjustable overhead bracket.

5) Product Name: Aquagenix Slimline 3 way 8 “Rainfall Shower head with a handheld shower system

Product Price: $ 44.96

Product URL: http://is.gd/75lPPx

Product Details: comes with an 8" inch Shower head (rainfall) which is fitted with a chrome face four inch hand shower with a total of five settings which include Rain/Mist Hydro Mist, Rain/Massage, Power rain and Pulsating massage. Have a five foot stainless steel hose that's very flexible for easy adaptability and an adjustable overhead bracket. It is also fitted with a three way water diverter and easy to handle tightening nuts . It does come with a lifetime limited warranty. It does provide users with some extra height which comes in very handy for tall users. Has a handheld option which allows users to reach those hard to reach areas of the body when showering.

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