Tips On How To Choose The Right Home Mailboxes

We all know that your mailbox can say a lot about you, because it usually is the first impression neighbours and guests will have on your home. A good looking and stylish home mailbox is what makes you different and unique. This is why your choice of a home mailbox can say a lot about your tastes and about your family's budget.

The Importance of Home Mailboxes Today

A home mailbox is not merely the place where the mails delivered by the postman are stored, but also represents a great accessory for your yard. You need to be extremely careful in choosing the right mailbox for your home, because it should match the theme of your home and also it needs to look attractive and fashionable, rather than unattractive and old-style. Of course, the primary purpose of your mailbox is to provide a secure environment for your bills, letters and correspondence, this is why it is preferable to choose locking mailboxes.

The great news is that home mailboxes come in a large variety of designs, colors and dimensions. From animals and building to cars and planes, there are literally hundreds of models to choose from. Before choosing a mailbox for your home, it is preferably to follow these steps.

Steps Before Choosing a Home Mailbox

1. Decide on your budget: probably the most important step is to make sure you won't break your budget. Since prices for home mailboxes vary for different materials used and styles, you need to know how much can you spare for your purchase. Prices can vary from $38 for the Capital Aluminum Personalized Front Door Panel (http://is.gd/RbKMLH) to $549.99 for the modern and professionally-made Capital Aluminum ULTIMATE Mailbox Package (you can purchase it by following this link: http://is.gd/eeRJp2)

2. Decide on the type and style of mailbox that is right for you: it is very important to carefully examine your home and garden's appearance in order to make sure the mailbox blends in with your house design. For example, if you love dogs and you have a dog statue in front of your house, a doghouse mailbox could be an amazing choice. On the other hand, if you have a country home, you can always select a country inspired mailbox.

3. Choose the best place to mount it: there are several types of home mailboxes when it comes to mounting them:

a) Post mounts: this is the best way to install your mailbox if you need to install it curbside. The poles come in a variety of designs and colors in order to match your own favorite style. For example, you can choose between the 4325BLK Roadside Mailboxes ($163.38) available at http://is.gd/9hYM4w and Imperial Mailboxes ($365) available at http://is.gd/3jbtU1.

b) Wall mounts: these mailboxes can easily blend in with your wall's design and color and are extremely elegant. A great advantage of these home mailboxes is that they are cheaper than post mounted mailboxes. For example, the Solar Group CAH304BZ Cast Aluminum Ivy Design Wall Mount Mailbox ($77.93) that can be found on http://is.gd/4kqrDn has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and is considered a great addition to any house, adding a touch of elegance.

c) Recessed mount: these home mailboxes are the perfect choice for an apartment complex, because they can easily fit into a wall, creating more space and allowing for multiple boxes in one place. One example of recessed mounted mailboxes is available at : http://is.gd/wrTPkI. The Locking Aluminum Recessed Column Mount Mailbox can be purchased at a standard price of $125 and is available in white, beige, black and forest green.

D) Freestanding: these home mailboxes require no poles or walls to be set in. A great advantage of these mailboxes is that they can be placed both inside and outside and can be transported with ease from one place to another. At http://is.gd/fIXwn8, you can order the High Security Locking Parcel Mailbox at $751.00, while on http://is.gd/15xk7q you can order the unique E8 Tower Mailbox and get a price quote online. Probably the only disadvantage of this type of mailboxes is their high price.

4. Check the hinges and make sure there are no sharp edges: nothing is worse than a mailbox with sharp edges and with a door that has fallen off. Both children and adults could get hurt if your mailbox has sharp edges. Remember that the safety of your family is the most important, therefore choose a mailbox that looks secure.

5. Select additional features: there are many features that can accompany your mailbox. From locking features, rear access, newspaper holder and USPS approved, you can basically personalize your mailbox according to your own preferences and tastes. For example, home mailboxes that feature an extra deep space allows you to receive a lot of mail over a longer period of time. This feature is extremely beneficial, especially if you are a business person who travels a lot and you need extra space. The locking feature is also very important, because it prevents other persons from invading your privacy. A top-quality mailbox that has both these features can be found at http://is.gd/RwJUYa at a price of $886. The high price is due to these two extra features.

A USPS mailbox is approved directly by the United States Postal Service, which means it's top-quality and extremely safe. However, a USPS mailbox is quite expensive compared to a regular one. The Designer Roadside Mailbox Copper Finish can be found at $123.99 on http://is.gd/6vk0il.

Finding a top-quality home mailbox can be a daunting task, especially if we consider the huge number of choices available. However, by following the steps listed above, you will get the peace of mind you've made the best choice and that your purchase is the perfect one for your needs.

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