Home Pests And Effective Pest Control Methods

A pest can generally be defined as an organism, whether plant or animal whose existence is detrimental to human beings. These can be insects, weeds, rodents, parasites, vermin's, or pathogens and they compete for resources with humans. They can cause diseases in humans, livestock and pets alike. They also damage food crops and affect to the ecosystem. Pest control refers to the management or regulation of pests to avoid their detrimental effects on human health and also the environment.

- Caterpillars and crickets are most known for the damage they can cause to plants which include house plants such as potted plants flowers.
- Bedbugs, ticks, fleas and lice cause skin irritations.
- The main carriers of diseases among insects are mosquitoes and tsetse flies, they also cause irritations.
- Beetles, moths, termites, and wood ants cause damages wooden chairs, beds, tables and fabrics.

Parasites which live off their hosts, are also known to cause irritations and carry diseases, nematodes are also classified as parasites and include round worms which interfere with digestive systems and live in soils and damp places or in water. Slugs and snails also form part of pests in a home. Some species of birds and mammals are also considered pests, such as rats, mice, rats and other rodents are the main pests found in homes and the damage they cause is huge, noticeable and unbearable. Snakes and scorpions can also be pests especially when they interfere with human beings.

In order to understand the type of pests in a home as well as how to control them, it is of critical importance to first identify their source or the habitat that promotes and encourages their existence. This can be from within the home or outside. For example certain trees such as fruit trees, grapevines, shrubs and certain flowers form a good breeding ground for pests outside the house. Stagnant water and swamps are a very common breeding ground for mosquitoes. Once you have identified the likely cause of your pest problem, one can now narrow down on the appropriate means of controlling them which can range from use of pesticides or other biological measures can be employed such as draining stagnant water. The most important thing to do however is to control and minimize the chances of pest invasion before it starts reducing the need to use chemical pesticides.

One can choose to do home pest control themselves, there are a lot of information and products online on how to do it safely without having to get pest control companies do it at a cost. There are products that available and come with instructions. One of the most popular do it yourself pest control products include the stink bug trap and stink bug control which are used to control ants and termites in your home. They also have products for rodent and roach control. The pesticides can be applied by spraying, misting or dusting and have proven to be both cost effective and with favourable results. Do my own pest control also offers free training by professional and experienced staff. More information can be found from their website: www.domyownpestcontrol.com

The main pest control options available in the market include but are not limited to Aerosol sprays, baits and traps, concentrates, powders and even granules. Organic pest control methods can also be used to control termites, ants and roaches especially around pavements and kitchens. One can use safely environmental friendly organic treatments to prevent and eradicate infestation. This method however can take longer than the pesticides available in most stores.

Pest Exterminators are also very popular, especially in homes where the pest infestation is high and maybe in unreachable places. The beauty with using exterminators is that they come with expertise and guarantee favourable results and offer customer service as well as advice on containing pests, some of the exterminators include massey services, W.R gay pest control pty, Hughues Exterminators among many others who can be contacted online and can provide services in your location.

Insecticides work by killing insects upon direct contact, application is easy as they are available in aerosol or powder form. Their effects can last for a while but need to be reapplied after some time to ensure efficiency. For outdoor use, there are systemic insecticides available these are however mostly used for controlling insects that feed on plants and are absorbed by plants thereby killing the insects when they feed on the plant. These insecticides will last longer as they do not fade away due to rain or winds; however they should not be used on any plant that is meant for human consumption to avoid poisoning. Some of the proven insecticides include du pont acelepryn, Bayer brand of insecticides plus other well renowned manufacturers all this can be accessed online through their various websites.

Baits and Traps are a very common home pest control options especially used in controlling rodents such as rats and mice and also reptiles such as snakes. The main advantage of this form of controlling pests is that they mainly do not contain chemicals which can be harmful to humans. The most widely used traps will contain a trigger that engages when a rat steps on the trap, it then snaps and traps the pest sometimes killing it. Others are electric and attract then trap pests. Baits and traps can be placed in cabinets, under sinks or elsewhere. One should also place them careful to away from reach of household pets and also children.

Prevention is better that cure. Ensuring your house and compound at large is clean at all times, closing windows and doors when not in use, sealing of openings in areas where pests can gain entry, washing spilled foods and liquids, proper disposal of waste materials, proper sanitization and hygiene standards as well as keeping your house dry at all times will go a long way in ensuring your home is free from pests and in extension the diseases and disadvantages they come with. Most of the flying, crawling insects cannot survive in a place where they are denied leftovers to feed on and where the clean environment is not suitable for their survival.

It is also important to note that chemical deterrents and sprays can cause irritation to human beings and one should therefore use them very safely and as per the recommendations and specifications. Flu's, sneezing; eye irritations have been associated with chemical pest control methods. They should also be stored away from the reach of children to avoid ingestion. From the various options provided, a person can be able to make an informed decision regarding control and prevention of pests in their home.

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