How To Choose The Ultimate Home Security Window Guard For Your Home

To step up security in your home, you'd need low-tech, yet effective and relatively affordable security window guards to secure your home. If you can confidently say Yes to the below questions, then these anti-burglar window products are meant for you.

(a) Is the rate of burglary on the rise in your neighborhood?

(b) Are your ground-level or basement windows hidden by obstruction such as shrubs so they are out of view from your neighbors?

(c) Has the local authority failed to respond in good time to suspicious activities?

(d) And finally, can you be comfortable with the look of security window guards on your windows?

If Yes is your answer, then here are a few things you must consider before getting window guards.

The Basics

You might opt to go with security bars instead. These are metal grills screwed or bolted on the window to offer structural framing and security. You may either choose permanent security bars or temporary ones. Permanent ones will have a long-term use associated with them.

Again, if you want to shop for homeowner's insurance, a security window guard will reduce your premium rate, as opposed to those who don't have them in place.

However, before the actual purchase and installation of these security window guards, ensure you've consulted what the local building codes are saying about them. In most cases, you will be required to buy security window guards with quick-release mechanism -- which is ideal when there's a fire emergency.

Of course you need to consider the cost of the product and also the design of your windows. You want an affordable security frame that conforms to the structure of your windows. The cost varies based on the design, the model and whether or not other security features are included.

You may also want to choose a home window security guard that lets you conveniently install security cameras and motion sensor lights in place.

Home Security Window Guards to Consider

1) John Sterling, 1134 4-bar Window Guard

Do you own a double-hang or awning window? Well, this is an economic security solution for your home. At only $32, you can get this basic window security guard that boasts of basic features you need to ensure your home is protected from intruders.

It comes with 4-mounting screws for easy installation. Again, guard swings have been designed in such a way that you can easily open them for quick cleaning or emergency exit. It's made of powder-coated steel for maximum longevity. Here's the link http://goo.gl/v5tsdA.

2) Window Security Guard Steel Bars

This is a basic window security guard that goes well with most types of windows. It features white, strong steel bars for maximum security against potential threats. It measures 44 by 48, and is easy to install.

Because these are steel bars that no one can break into, this product retails at $79 on Amazon. Here's the link http://goo.gl/sD0hm0.

3) Guardian Angel Window Guard -- with 4 Horizontal bars

If you're really serious about safeguarding your safety and that of your kids, then this window guard is for you. Though it looks basic, this product is quite pricey. You can installed them on the windows in the upper floors of your house. This is good especially when it comes to the safety of children who love climbing windows when left unattended.

Depending on your window size or width, this window security guard, which consists of vertical bars, will cover anywhere between 35 and 58 inches wide windows. The quick-release buttons have been incorporated into the design to make it easier to open in case of an emergency. The price is $79, and here's the link http://goo.gl/fpfTV6.

4) Grisham 93911, Black, Horizontal Window Guard

This is a one of it's kind window guard designed be be used horizontally and in an adjustable manner. There are 3 interior bars in each sliding set. Height is between 14 and 15 inches. The finish is black -- which is a fair complement to most windows anyway.

So given that it's a very basic window security guard system for your home, you don't expect to pay much for it. At $20 only, you can get this amazing product to help you secure your windows. Here's the link http://is.gd/BMnfvG.

5) Graco 96016 Window Guard, 6 Black Bars

They've been designed to feature 4-bar spacing in between. The bars are made of 16-gauge steel for maximum strength and protection against intruders and window falls. The main design is horizontal, though both height and width can be adjusted. They retail at $53. Check out this link http://is.gd/cP8MN4 for more information.


Do not ignore security window guards as they protect your kids from falling when they play on the windows. This is especially very critical for families with homes that have other floors on top.

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