Some Vital Home Window Washing Tools And Tips

 Clean and sparkling windows are generally meant to perform three basic functions, the first role is to give people a better view, and the second role is to provide some heat efficiency while the final reason is to give your home a neat and tidy look.

Apart from the normal dust that we see in windows, there are numerous contaminants that greatly degrade windows made from glass. After some time, hard minerals from sprinkler systems and run off from the home, oxidization from windows enclosed in screens and metal frames, sea spray, acid rain and overspray from mortar, chalking and paint amongst a host of other chemicals tend to take a toll on many windows at home.

It is therefore imperative that you not only clean your home windows, but do so in a professional and clinical manner so as to achieve the best results. To do this consistently, there are certain methods and tools of trade that one must take into account. Here are some home window washing tools and methods worth taking a close look at. They include:

If you have window screens, make sure they are cleaned too. Remove all the screens from the inside and clean them using a bucket full of soapy water, gain access to a garden hose and a soft bristle brush. Slop some soapy water onto the screen and use the soft setting of the hose and gently scrub off the mess using the soft brush. If you notice any holes or tears on the screen as you clean, make sure they are repaired before you return the screens. Rinse the screens and place them in an open area to dry.

Unbeknown to many, there is a particular and specific way, in which windows should be cleaned. Always clean the windows from top to bottom and not the other way round. If you attempt to do it from the bottom up, you will be constantly battling the dripping cleanser or water. Chances are that whichever liquid you will be using will be running in a downward motion and it will all dry up before you clean it, leaving your window with ugly streaks.

Apart from using known window cleaners such as Windex to clean your windows, it is also possible to come up with an effective homemade recipe. Add one cup of foaming ammonia, 4 cups of rubbing alcohol, one teaspoon of dish detergent that can dissolve grease and two gallons of cold water. You then fill the bucket with water, add the three ingredients, ammonia, alcohol and detergent then mix thoroughly. Use a mop to apply the solution onto the windows and scrub vigorously to get rid of the grime and dirt. Use a piece of newspaper to dry the window and get a streak free shine.

Many people, professionals and homeowners alike do prefer to use a squeegee for that sparkling look; they are preferred because they leave windows completely dry in one clean sweep. It is important though to know your window size before you buy a squeegee. Dip the squeegee in a bucket full of a diluted cleanser of your choice such as diluted white vinegar and wet your squeegee. The initial stroke should run across or horizontally at the top of the window, then wipe off the squeegee and pull down from the dry part. Once you get to the bottom, scrub another horizontal stroke before cleaning the remaining corner with a clean cloth.

Finally, you can also adopt the microfiber cloth method. A microfiber cloth is made from the same material as that used to wipe eye glasses and have the distinct advantage of leaving no streaks or lint. All you do is just spray the cleaner onto the glass and use the microfiber cloth to dry the window and leave it streak free.

Here is where to get some of the items used above.

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Product Details: this is a professional formula that dissolves tough grime and grease and is bio-degradable and ammonia free.

2) Product Name: 16’ x 16’ Glass Window Microfiber Detailing Towels Cleaning Cloths (Pack of 6)

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Product Details: ideal for glass cleaning and does provide sparkling results with only water. They are smear free and quite compact and easy to store. These towels are available in different fanciful colors and in a variety of sizes.

3) Product Name: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

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Product Details: has a flexible and durable squeegee blade with a comfortable and soft handle. It does feature a light weight and slim profile and is sold with a suction cup hanger that provides for convenient and easy storage. It also has a PVC Suction cup which allows it a secure hold on non porous and smooth surfaces.

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