Some Important Tips When Choosing Hot Water Boiler Systems For Your Home

When thinking about installing a hot water boiler system, it is important to take into consideration a few factors such as the number of users who will be using the boiler system, the installation and maintenance costs, the powering of the system and the overall reliability of the chosen system. It is always important to get a system which can be modulated to fit the current needs and requirements and therefore save on energy costs.

Here are some of the more popular hot water boiler systems any homeowner should think of installing. They include:

1) Product Name: Electro Electric Hydronic Mini Boiler

Product Price: $ 709.75

Product URL: http://is.gd/h4dfY6

Product Details: this 120 V electric mini boiler has a safety relief valve of 30 PSI and wattage of 2500. With an output of 8532 BTUs per hour, this is a very powerful hot water boiler system. It does have a built in temperature pressure gauge and a temperature sensor. The unit also comes with a built in disconnect circuit breaker and indicator lights and easy to access control board. It is sold with a two year parts warranty and is 100% efficient. It also has DC power relays and a circulator switching relay at a maximum of 10Amps. With low watt density heating elements which have a 20 year warranty and load management control provisions, this is one of the best systems in the market.

2) Product Name: Triangle Tube Condensing Boiler with Trimax Controller – Natural Gas

Product Price: $ 4199.75

Product URL: http://is.gd/JS4Rr8

Product Details: this wall mounted boiler does feature a uniquely designed stainless heat exchanger made from stainless steel which offers an efficiency level that’s slightly higher than 95%. It does offer combination domestic hot water with up a hundred and eighty gallons per hour. It also has the ability to easily modulate the firing rate to a whopping 110,000 BTU per hour to 25%, this does imply that there are fewer cycles which does translate into lower operating costs, making it ideal for smaller zones as it can perform without short cycling. It is also self descaling and self cleaning, constantly washing away the combustion residue, making the heater more efficient in the process.

3) Product Name: Sime Condensing Gas Boiler Natural Gas- Heat Only

Product Price: $ 3179.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/NDUPRg

Product Details: this planet Dewy 30 BFT boiler is a high efficiency condensing boiler which offers high efficiency readings of up to 98%. The boiler does offer heating options using an air eliminator, a 3 way valve, an expansion tank and a built in circulator, forming an indirect domestic hot water storage tank. It is a direct vent sealed combustion and does use the highly acclaimed hydronic heating technology. This boiler is available in a variety of ratings from 30,000BTU per hour to 110,000 per hour. This is a very compact, sophisticated and lightweight boiler which offers the user lots of reliability, high efficiency and ease of installation all combined into one.

4) Product Name: Biasi Riva plus Condensing Gas Boiler- Liquid Propane (Heat Only)

Product Price: $2459.75

Product URL: http://is.gd/MDctgL

Product Details: this liquid propane gas fired hot water boiler system does deliver up to 116,000BTU, making it quite appropriate for many households. To get domestic hot water, one can use the RivaPlus Combi boiler with an indirect storage tank. It does also maintain a constant and highly efficient operation in both low and high temperature heating systems. It should be used with pex radiant heating, hydronic baseboards, cast iron radiators, and a wide variety of hydronic heating systems. They also have a very quiet, efficient and dependable operation. They are also very attractive and due to their compact sizing, they do require less space than many conventional floor boilers in the market.

5) Product Name: Prestige Natural Gas Boiler (With Trimax Controller)

Product Price: $ 4399.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/CX48Km

Product Details: this is a stainless steel sealed combustion boiler that’s wall mounted and is uniquely designed with an effective stainless steel heat exchanger which provides the homeowner with an efficiency that’s above 96%. Even though it is rated to have an input of 170,000BTU, it can modulate its firing rate to around 50,000 BTU. This modulation comes in very handy when you don’t need much water, reducing the number of cycles in the process and resulting in much lower operating costs for the homeowner. It does have a 60second set up time, relatively large graphic interface and six preset and highly customizable reset curves. It can also control up to 4 circulators, has a warm weather shutdown and an outdoor reset. It also has a low water cut off and 2 space heating call inputs.

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