Some Useful Tips On How To Buy A Trash Compactor

Accumulation of trash; especially in the kitchen can be hectic at home due to limited storage space. The packing and transportation of trash is also made difficult by its indefinite shape and extremely large sizes. However shaping and reducing the size of trash for easy storage and transport is very easy; through the use of a trash compactor. It is an appliance that compacts solid house garbage together for easy storage and transport in garbage bags. It therefore reduces the interval of garbage collection and the need to take out the garbage often. It has a specially designed trash bags, a motor and a press. The press force compresses trash on the garbage in the bag till it attains its minimum size. With this appliance, you don’t have to be worried about going out to dispose trash always or paying a heavy bill to the garbage collectors.

Before paying for any trash compactor out there, there are some factors you need to put into consideration:

1) Size of the appliance; the smaller it is, the better. You are aiming at reducing the space occupied by trash and having a small compactor will help you achieve that.

2) Its compaction rate; compaction rate means the extent to which the certain amount of trash can be reduced to one bag; for example 4 trash bags to one bag. The higher the rate therefore, the better the compactor.

3) Noise level, odor reduction features, electricity consumption: A good trash compactor works at low noise level and electricity consumption. These factors are heavily dependent on the motor and the noise insulation installations.

4) Its buying cost, maintenance cost and availability of relevant repair services: Avoid purchasing a compactor that is not common in the market due to high maintenance cost and limited spare parts in case of damage.

There are several types of household trash compactors that are highly reliable:

1) Manual trash compactors; they are very reliable. This is because they are noiseless and have considerably low cost due to absence of the motor and they don’t use electricity. They however rely on human effort to compact the trash. They are appropriate for less amount of trash and lighter ones such as polythene bags and aluminum cans. Common brands are the kitchen aid available at KitchenAid.com.

2) Built in trash compactors; they can be manual or motored. They are fit for the under counter or kitchen cabinets but can be installed in any convenient position in the kitchen, office, classroom among other places. They are space efficient, fashionable and one of the easily customized compactors. To make sure they effectively suit the expected space you can purchase trim kits or take measurements when buying. There are several brands in Kenmore.com and the whirlpool gold 15 inch.

3) High rise trash compactors; they are modified to handle high amount of garbage especially in modern complex apartments and homes that handle high amount of garbage. They can be installed at a specific location and used by a large number of residents. They are installed with premium odour management systems for sanitation and health standards. Therefore, they can be placed outside without fear of rodents and birds infestation. The other advantage they have is the come in various sizes depending on the number of households they serve. Currently small, personal and customized ones are available too. Whirlpool.com sells various brands that you can sample from.

4) Free standing trash compactors; are commonly referred to as stand-alone compactors. Its portability is very minimal and serves best when placed at a strategic position. You can install it at a corner of your kitchen or at the garage too. It has a multipurpose stylish top.

5) Convertible trash compactor; is one of most common trash compactor due to its portability and flexibility. It can serve both as a free standing compactor or a under the counter compactor. Most available brands in the appliance shops are Kenmore Elite 1.4 c.u ft. made of stainless steel and Whirlpool gold 1.4 c.u.

Good household trash compactors have almost similar features. These feature include; removable safety knobs, a 1/3 horsepower motor, specific trash bags, pre-installed noise installers, and between 2000 and 5000 lbs. of compacting power. However you should be very cautious when choosing from the brands. Durability counts and not all brands can deliver it. Servicing of your compactor is also easy if you are using commonly used compactors. You can also opt for a customized compactor that will be compatible with your kitchen design several companies do supply the customized ones.

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