Kitchen Island Options: Design Tips And Recommendations

Although it’s not mandatory, a kitchen island can add style and efficiency to your kitchen and also provide additional storage. Many homeowners consider it to be a key feature when building a kitchen. A well-designed piece can provide a convenient work space, storage, and a nice place for family and guests to gather in the kitchen. Such a piece of furniture should be functional, fun and versatile. Here are some useful amenities, design specifications, planning recommendations and tips that you might want to consider when planning the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Kitchen Island Options – Useful Tips and Recommendations

Is it really necessary for your kitchen?

Not all kitchens can accommodate this piece of furniture. If you have a narrow gallery, you might encounter difficulties finding adequate space for it. Before you purchase or construct one, make sure you can leave at least 42 inches between the centerpiece and perimeter cabinets. This will allow you to access all work areas, including sink, fridge and cooktop, and appliances without the piece obstructing your path. If multiple cooks usually use your kitchen, then at least a 48-inch-wide space allowance will be required. Naturally, additionally space will also be required if you want to include seating.

What features will work for you?

The features of your kitchen island will depend much on how you intend to use your island. Do you want to use your island for storage, cooking, preparing meals or entertaining? If your main concern is storage, then look for a design that has extra-deep drawers, large cabinets, shelving and drawer inserts. A piece that includes appliances such as range, warming drawers, microwave and cooktop is the best option if you’re looking for an unattached counter for food preparation and cooking.

Look for a piece that has a large, uninterrupted surface if you want a kitchen island for preparing meals. Such unattached counter can also be very helpful if you want space for entertaining your family and guests. If you are a baker, you need to choose a piece that comes with countertops conducive to rolling dough and a design that allows you to fit bins for your supplies, as well as enough storage for those mixing bowls and baking sheets.

Do you need seating?

Decide if you want seating and provide the necessary space allowance for seats. Consider the size and layout of your kitchen when determining the seating arrangement and dimensions of your unattached counter.

Kitchen Island Options

The design of your centerpiece should match your kitchen’s style and decor. An ideal piece should be shaped and proportioned to fit the room. If your kitchen is short and wide, the unattached kitchen counter must be the same. Here are some design options you may want to consider.

Clever Do It Yourself (DIY) Island Design

Buying a basic, ready-to-assemble piece and retrofitting it with storage add-ons and updates is a great way to achieve a centerpiece with enough storage. You can turn a bare section of any island’s wall into a hook-and-hang center by installing a wire wall grid, spice racks and cookbook holders to keep kitchen tools handy. You could also retrofit the island’s cabinets with slide-out bins, tray dividers or plate stackers. The options are endless.

Multilevel Design

A multilevel island consisting of eating countertop places at a higher height than the cooking/meal-prep surface can provide a versatile piece with adequate work space and a convenient elevated dining area. Having the eating countertop places for guests at a higher height than the cooking/meal-prep surface ensures that those gathered around the countertop are protected from the cooking splatters.

Explore These Top 8 Beautiful Kitchen Island Design Options for Ideas

1) The Belmont Black, Price: $499.00, Website URL: bit.ly/1shLzVC - This is a cottage-style piece is easy to move or store, and offers tons of storage space.

2) The Cottage Oak Buffet, Price: 282.78, Website URL: bit.ly/1nhHWJN – This unattached counter features stainless steel table, taper-cut feet, spacious pull drawers and cabinets, providing both style and function.

3) Catskill Craftsmen Designer Island, Price: $290.74, Website URL: bit.ly/1AMUGCs – This piece of furniture has a warm feel due to the wooden material and all the features that you typically need in an unattached counter for your kitchen.

4) The Orleans Kitchen Counter, Price: 387.95, Website URL: bit.ly/1qT3QLy – This stylish piece draws inspiration from the 18th century French cottages and comes with slotted shelves, spindle legs, butcher block top, metal base and a vintage caramel finish.

5) Alexandria Natural Wood, Price: $370.00, Website URL: bit.ly/1p2v3IX – This is one of the most stylish kitchen islands you’ll ever find that is designed to provide both longevity and optimal storage. It has large compartments and is crafted from solid hardwood and wood veneers.

6) International Concepts Island, Price: $283.12, Website URL: bit.ly/XvG1wh – This is a small, but stylish counter that is designed for smaller kitchens. It features solid wood, laminated top, one bottom shelf and four casters.

7) Tuscan Retreat Granite Top, Price: $476.48, Website URL: bit.ly/1uXMZsH – This unattached kitchen counter is an authentic interpretation of the old world and cottage style. It comes with a granite top, pass-thru drawer and can be used from either side.

8) 44 Inch Butcher Block, Price: 493.79, Website URL: bit.ly/1o2dicG – This is another stylish and functional piece that comes with many great features, including: Butcher Block top, large drawer, adjustable interior shelves, spice rack and towel bar, nickel plated hardware and more.

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