Tips For Shopping For A NEW Air Conditioner For Your Manufactured Home

Getting an appropriate air conditioner in a home should a priority for home owners. One should get a system that suits their home’s needs and space. There are several manufactured home air conditioners on the market and each unit has its own uses, features and advantages.

1) Split air conditioners

A split air conditioner comes in two parts, the interior and exterior part. The condensing unit that converts warm liquid to cold air is located outside. It comprises of a condenser, a compressor and a condenser fan. The evaporative unit is located inside the house. It comprises of an evaporator coil, an expansion valve and a fan. This unit takes in warm air from the house and gives off cool air. The internal unit takes up a very small amount of space in the house. It can be installed in a room with no windows and it barely interferes with the theme color of the room.

The Friedrich 21 500 BTU is a split air conditioner that can be mounted on a wall. It has individual room controls and operates quietly. It has two indoor units. This system goes for around $2687 and is extremely durable. Their site, http://www.friedrich.com/, offers details on this product, price estimates and gives possible dealers near you.



2) Window air conditioner

A window air conditioner comes as a single self contained unit, meaning it has all the necessary components in one system. This system is usually installed in a window although it can also be installed from an exterior wall through holes. Most people prefer the window option to avoid unnecessary holes in walls. This system absorbs warm air through one hole and ejects cold air in to the house through another opening. A window air conditioner requires simple installation and it tends to be cheaper than the other options.

Frigidaire LRA067AT7 is one of the options in window air conditioning systems. It has energy saving features, a built in timer and a dirt filter indicator. This air conditioner can be controlled with a remote control and it comes with a digital display. It goes for around $189. More information about this system and their dealers is offered on their site, http://www.frigidaire.net/.

3) Central air conditioning unit

This is undeniably the best option in air conditioning for any home. It is made up of two units; an evaporative unit and a condensing unit. The condensing system comes in form of a large box that sits outside the house. Large is relative since each home has to get a size that fits them perfectly. The evaporative unit usually sits at the plenum of one’s furnace. These two units are connected by refrigerant tubing.

A great example of such a unit is the Trane XL20i conditioner. It is among the best on the market with 10 years minimum warranty. It has a comfort link technology for remote access with a computer or smart phone. It has dual compressors for variable cooling during hot and mildly warm conditions. The price ranges from $4000-$5000 depending on the size. One can get price estimates and dealers from their website, http://www.trane.com.

4) Portable air conditioner

A portable air conditioner comes in one self contained package. It is the perfect solution for homes in areas with extreme heat or rooms that simply retain too much heat. It is placed inside the floor of a room and removes hot air through tubes that are connected to an exterior wall. It then blows cold air in to the room through another vent.

Soleus LX-140 14,000 BTU is an exceptional portable air conditioner with a compact design. It can be used in medium to large rooms owing to the fact that it covers 525 square feet. It has 4 in 1 technology that allows it to function as an air conditioner, a fan, a dehumidifier and a heater. This equipment goes for approximately $500. The company’s site, http://www.soleusair.com/portables.html, provides more information, price estimates and dealers’ information where one can purchase this product.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

As much as manufactured home air conditioners come with long warranties, proper maintenance will make them stand the test of time.

· Clean ducts that remove warm air and give cold air in to the home to improve functionality.

· Any units placed outside should be in a clean environment that is free from any shrubs.

· Set the thermostat appropriately according to weather conditions and use the air conditioner when necessary.

· The air handler filter should be replaced regularly, preferably once a month.

· One should schedule an annual professional check up on the air conditioner.

Finding an air conditioner that fits the specific needs of your home is the best option advised by experts.

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