Safe, Efficient Appliances Are Important To The Comfort Of Your Manufactured Home


Today's contemporary manufactured homes offer all the amenities and creature comforts of foundation based homes. Builders like Kit Homes, Karsten, and Fleetwood take pride in their modular homes and mobile homes, and the comfort these economic housing options have to offer. However, as much as your manufactured home may feel like a traditional home, when it is time to find a replacement for an appliance, it is important that you find manufactured home appliances specifically.

Washer Dryer

At Mobile Home Stuff Store, Inc., you will find a GE washing machine and dryer set that is designed to fit in your manufactured home. The high capacity washing machine features 2 speeds and 9 cycles, and it washes clothes in hot, warm, and cold water. The matching dryer is an electric appliance, and it has y different cycle options. This set comes in white and will be right at home in your Silver Crest, Clayton, or other manufactured home from a reputable builder. The washing machine sells for $440.00, and the dryer is priced at $365.00. Other supplies, equipment, and hardware related to the set are sold separately at mobilehomestuffstore.com.


Some manufactured homes have full sized kitchens. The fact is that single, double, and triple wide homes have different room sizes, just as you would find with traditional foundation based homes. This means that when it is time to find replacement appliances, you will have to take your own individual home into consideration. You can find refrigerators for smaller kitchens at Summit Appliances. The Bottom Freezer Units, designed for apartments and mobile homes, for example, is made to fit into smaller spaces. The bottom freezer saves energy and adds convenience. There are two options: white or brushed stainless steel. You can find this product at summitappliances.com, and prices are available upon request.


If your kitchen remodeling project is going to include a new kitchen range, you will be pleased to know that there are several options for safe, efficient stoves for your manufactured home kitchen. The Atwood 21-inch 3-burner Gas Stove comes in white, and features a single piece grate on the cooktop to hold pots and pans evenly. Burners are adjusted safely using a linear valve, and the oven is designed to make the best possible use of space. You can find this product at amazon.com, an online store known for sell quality products at or near wholesale prices. This stove is available for $671.09, and it is made to fit many standard manufactured home kitchens, like those found in homes built by Clayton, Golden West, and Silver Crest.


Dishwashers can also be important elements in kitchen renovations. While you will not find a dishwasher for your manufactured home at mobilehomedepotmi.com, you will find the necessary parts, supplies, and equipment to repair your existing dishwasher. For example, you can find the Fluidmaster No-Burst Stainless Steel Water Connector. If you have purchased a used manufactured home but do not want to buy all new appliances, you can save money and headaches by making sure that items like these are in excellent repair. You can purchase this product for $11.44.

Range Hoods

Of course, if you want to keep a clean, fresh kitchen in your manufactured home, the range hood is as important as the stove and oven themselves. At AdventureRV.net, you can find a variety of efficient range hoods for your manufactured home, mobile home, or trailer. The Empire Automatic Blower installs easily over your range and blows quietly to help dissipate grease and cooking smells over time. It is made for manufactured homes from almost any reputable builder, including Skyline, Karsten, and more. You can purchase this product for $99.98. More info about range hoods can be found here.

Microwave Ovens

Today's modern kitchen is never complete without a microwave oven. If your current microwave is not in good repair, it is time to f ind a replacement. Aftermarket microwaves are for sale at overstock.com that are efficient without taking up much space. The GE Spacemaker Microwave Oven has a 1-cubic-foot capacity, but has a compact footprint. The unit is stainless steel with black accents, so it will look great in any kitchen.  While overstock.com is not one of the specialty suppliers of manufactured home equipment and accessories, they are noted for quality products, low prices, and reliability. You can purchase this product at overstock.com for $265.99.

Garbage Disposals

Nothing can slow down a kitchen like a garbage disposal in need of repair. At Mobile Home Parts Store, an online specialty store, you can find a Whirlaway Waste Disposal, which features a compact design. It is made to work safely with septic tanks, which is important to most manufactured home owners. It is made of heavy gauge corrosion resistant steel, with durable parts as well. It is easy to install, and comes with complete instructions as well as necessary hardware. You can find this product online at mobilehomepartsstore.com for $89.97. More info about garbage disposals can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do appliances last?

A: In early 90’s appliances sourced from reputable manufacturers used to last for 17 or more years, but this has changed a lot today. Many appliances last half their intended economic life due to various reasons such as competition which has brought about the existence of low-quality items on the market. Even if manufacturers keep on trying to maintain high quality, globalization makes it hard for them since their outlets source cheap parts from other parts of the world to keep up with the competition. Here is a list showing average lifespans of common appliances in many households.

- Stove: 15 years for gas and 13 years for electric one
- Refrigerator: 13 years for a normal fridge and 9 years for a compact one
- Water heater: 20 years for a tankless water heater, 11 years for electric and 10 years for a gas heater
- Dish washer: 9 years
- Microwave: 9 years

However, it good to note that the above numbers are averages and can vary due to various reasons which include frequency of use, how well you maintain them as well as their type and quality.

Q: Which appliances need a dedicated circuit?

A: A dedicated circuit is a special circuit that is meant to serve a single appliance. Some of the major home appliance that needs a dedicated circuit includes refrigerator, dishwasher, electric range, water heater, heat pump, dryer, furnace, microwave, and freezer. The major reason for having a dedicated circuit is to protect your appliances as well as providing safety for you and your family. Having several appliances on a single circuit can trip the circuit breaker due to electricity overload halting the flow of electricity in your home.

Q: What appliances are energy vampires?

A: Electricity vampires are those products that continue sucking up power even when they have been switched off. It has been found out that power vampires account for about 10% of total energy consumption homes. Some of the known energy vampires include cable or settle boxes, sound systems, computer equipment and any other appliance that has a clock such as a microwave. Some of the actions that you can take to prevent these gadgets from consuming more power include unplugging them when not in use, limiting idle time, replace them with smart devices that consume less power when idle or implement the use of power strips.

Q: What appliances emit carbon monoxide?

A: In most cases, individuals are normally worried about things they can either see or smell such as gas leaks which are easy to detect. Unfortunately, people normally neglect things such as carbon monoxide emitted by several common appliances in many homes. Although carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas, it is very toxic and can pose a great danger to a home owner. Some of the appliances that emit carbon monoxide include room heaters, furnaces, cooking/kitchen ranges, charcoal burners and water heaters. Therefore, it is highly recommended that every home owner should ensure that these appliances have been installed appropriately and are working properly.

Q: What appliances are tax deductible?

A: Over the past few years the federal government has been offering tax credits to individuals who have been buying energy efficient appliances as an incentive. Unfortunately, this program popularly known as the star program became almost non-operational in 2012 except for credits geared towards residential energy production. Installing equipment that uses an alternative source of energy allows you to qualify for credits equal to 30 percent of the total cost. Equipment that qualifies for energy credits includes geothermal heat pumps, solar powered units as well as wind fans that produce energy.

Q: Are appliances covered by homeowners insurance?

A: Home insurance policies cover various losses you might incur as a home owner including loss of items your home such as appliances. However, the coverage depends on the amount of protection you buy as well as the type of policy you choose.

Q: What appliances work with Alexa?

A: Many manufacturers have continued to make all the adjustment necessary to their products to remain competitive on the market. Many appliances are being advertised as smart connectivity promising convenience in features such as interaction, intelligent power consumption as well automatic supply replacement. To make all this possible, this is where Alexa an Amazon’s digital assistance come in. Alexa voice service will help you interact with your smart appliances such as the smart thermostat, fridge, dishwasher and microwave conveniently. Alexa works well on Echo show, Echo dot, Amazon Echo as well as Amazon Fire TV gadgets.

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