Manufactured Home Cabinets Come In A Wide Variety Of Styles

Modular and manufactured homes are economic to purchase or even to have built, and they come in a wide variety of styles. Today's manufactured homes often look and feel like traditional foundation based homes, with lots of features and options to meet your sense of style. When the time comes to find replacement manufactured home cabinets, you will find that you can find many different styles that were made for your kitchen and bathroom.

At Mobile Home Parts Supply, you will find lots of quality products at discount prices for your mobile home, modular home, or trailer. In their online catalog, you will find a full line of United Panel Cabinets. These cabinets are made of 100% oak and plywood, with no particle board in the construction. These cabinets are available in many different sizes and configurations to work in any kitchen. They also sell the hinges, door knobs, and other accessories to finish your remodeling project. You must visit mobilehomesupply.com to request a price quote for your Karsten, Fleetwood, or other manufactured home.

Mobile Home Advantage is another great resource for contemporary supplies and equipment for single, double, and triple wide manufactured homes and trailers. They offer a line of quality oak cabinets for the bathroom, including the Light Oak Double Scalloped Medicine Cabinet. This attractive piece measures 30 inches wide, 6 inches deep, by 27 inches high. The twin doors open with matching oak door knobs, and two shelves beneath the cabinet complete the look. You can purchase this product at mobilehomeadvantage.com for $129.00.

At fashioncabinet.com, you will find attractive cabinets for your next renovation or for your new build. They offer a wide range of wood species, including northern cherry, red oak, walnut, and more. You can choose your wood species, your cabinet door style, and the cabinet dimensions that best suit your needs and your style ideas. Once you have chosen the right styles for your kitchen, you can also find all the necessary hardware and supplies for successful installation. These will brighten the kitchen of any manufactured home, whether it is from Kit Homes, Silver Crest, or another builder of manufactured homes.

You can find custom built cabinets for your mobile home, RV, or modular home at Davis Cabinets. They can build aftermarket cabinets to meet your space and style needs, offering fair prices and quality workmanship. Whether you have planned renovations for your current home, or you are looking a used mobile home with a kitchen full of cabinets badly in need of repair, you can find whatever you need for a traditional or a contemporary look at daviscabinets.com. Prices vary, and you will need to request a price quote for the cabinets you need.

One of the best suppliers of equipment and accessories for mobile homes and manufactured homes is RV Discount Suppliers. Here you will find what you need for sale at or near wholesale prices. This includes cabinet doors, hinges, knobs, and other accessories. Whether you are seeking a single replacement part or hoping to remodel your entire kitchen, you will find what you need here. A do-it-yourself homeowner can find products like the Bright Brass Bolts necessary for installing new doors. Each bolt is priced at $5.79. Whether you live in a Skyline, Clayton, or a Golden West, you want to keep it looking fresh and new. The supplies at rvdiscountsuppliers.com have the supplies necessary to make it happen.

Manufactured home owners in the state of Washington can look to the Mobile Home Guys, found at mobilehomesupply.com, for quality kitchen cabinets and for entire remodeling services and supplies. They sell replacement cabinets and the hardware necessary to repair your existing cabinets. At their website, you will find samples of the remodeling projects they have completed, but because they pride themselves on custom work, you will not find a price list. You can contact them directly for a price quote on the job you need done.

Pat's Sales is a warehouse store, with products available online and at their location in Florida. They sell cabinets from manufacturers like Lifetime, Norcraft, Tru-Wood, and more. All cabinetry is offered at 45 to 60% off the manufacturers' prices, and they come with material and workmanship warranties. You can find their online catalog at patssalesinc.com, but you will want to contact them directly for availability and prices, as their stock changes regularly.

Mobile Home Depot is an excellent resource for all of your exterior and interior needs for your manufactured home. This includes quality medicine cabinets for your bathroom. The Mirrored Medicine Cabinet, for example, fits a wall opening that measures 14 inches wide by 24 inches high, and features a door that is also a frameless mirror. The frame is made of stainless steel, and the inside shelves are adjustable to accommodate your needs.  It is available at mobilehomedepotmi.com for $57.70.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are standard bathroom cabinet sizes?

A: Cabinet manufacturers took a huge step to standardize their products for various reasons which include allowing customers to get factory built cabinets at attractive prices and making standard appliances be accommodated conveniently. The standardized cabinets are based on the following increments:

- The base, tall and wall cabinets range from 9’’ up to 48’’ wide. Cabinets more than 48’’ wide are considered to be unstable for shipping.
- Kitchen base cabinets should be 24’’ deep; however, they can still be built in other specifications basing on the 3’’ increment rule giving room for 18’’ or 24’’ depth.

Q: Are bathroom cabinets waterproof?

A: There are several factors you should consider when buying your bathroom cabinets which include ability to withstand temperature, ultraviolet light and most important of all moisture. With the advancement in technology, it is now easy to find waterproof bathroom cabinets on the market. Some great examples of waterproof cabinets include PVC bathroom cabinets, OAK bathroom cabinets, stainless steel bathroom cabinets, and veneer bathroom cabinets.

Q: How do you prep kitchen cabinets for painting?

A: If your kitchen cabinets are still intact but look dull and old, a fresh coat of paint can help to restore their glorious looks. You can hire a pro to paint your cabinets at a fee, or you can consider saving your hard earned money by handling the task by yourself. If you decide to take on the task, here is how you need to prepare your cabinets to achieve outstanding results

-Prepare the working area to create enough space for smooth movements
-Remove drawers, doors, and shelves to allows you reach all surfaces
- Clean all the surfaces to remove dirt and other contaminants
- Prime the all parts
-Paint all parts working from top to bottom
-Leave all the parts for a while to dry
-Install back the doors, shelves and other hardware

Q: How do you paint and glaze kitchen cabinets?

A: Old and unattractive cabinets can ruin the look of your entire kitchen. However, you can change all this and refresh your cabinets by applying a fresh coat of cream paint and glaze. Here is how to go about it step by step
First, you need to prepare your cabinets and a working area too. Remove the detachable parts such doors and shelves so that you can attend to them thoroughly. Clean all the surfaces with a degreasing agent to remove grease and other stains. Sandpaper the surfaces so that they can accept the paint much better. Before picking your paint, apply primer to get better results. When choosing your paint, you should consider using oil based paint since it dries to a harder and durable finish than water based paint. Apply the paint gently from top to bottom then allow it to dry for about 24 hours. After the paint has dried, it is now time to apply the glaze. Glaze comes in different colors; thus you should consider choosing a color that complements the entire kitchen. You can use a brush or a rag to apply the glaze in either straight or circular motion. Once all the surfaces are covered with glaze, wipe off the glaze with a clean rag so that the surfaces remain only with a light tint. You can choose to add a clear coat on top of the glaze since it helps to prevent scratches as well as helping the finish to last longer. Allow the cabinets to dry and attach the removed parts.

Q: What is the best way to clean wood cabinets?

A: Kitchen wooden cabinets can easily be cleaned by following the following steps

- Wipe the cleaner on outer sides of the doors and drawers using a sponge. If there are grime buildup and heavy greases you can remove them using elbow grease
- Wipe the cleaner on door handles and drawer pulls
- Dip a toothbrush in a cleaner and scrub the hardware as well as the wood surrounding the hardware
- Wipe the cleaner from all surfaces using a different sponge dipped in clean water
- Use a dry towel to dry all surfaces

Q: How much does it cost to reface kitchen cabinets?

A: Reface costs for kitchen cabinets are highly influenced by the materials uses. Here are average costs for a kitchen measuring 10 by 12 foot depending on the material used.

-Laminate: $1000 to $3000
-Reel wood veneer: $1200 to $6000
-High-quality veneer can cost more than $7000
The finish pieces cost about $2 to $6 each for ordinary pieces while higher end pieces can cost up to $20 to $50

Q: Why do kitchen cabinets warp?

A: Warping occurs when the wooden material used to make your cabinet dries unevenly. Some of the factors that contribute to warping include buying cabinets made of a wet wooden material, having wooden cabinets that are not water proof and unfavorable environmental changes such as temperature and humidity.

Q: Why do kitchen cabinets get sticky?

A: Some of the reasons why cabinets become sticky include

- Grease from cooking stove hangs in the air combine with steam which later settles on kitchen surfaces including the cabinets
- When cooking food may spatter in all directions, and if not well cleaned it will build up making the cabinets sticky

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