Choose The Right Ceiling Panels For Your Manufactured Home

Ceiling tiles make installing, enjoying, and repairing your ceiling easy. They are installed, one square at a time, and if one tile needs repair, it can be fixed or replaced and your ceiling instantly looks brand new again. They are also noise absorbing, giving you excellent acoustics. Manufactured home ceiling panels are made specifically for use in manufactured homes, and can be found through a variety of specialty suppliers.

Seaspray Brand Hi-Strength MVR Ceiling Panels are attractive, accoustically sound, and resistant to moisture, which can damage the ceiling and even harbor mold if left unchecked. These modern panels are ideal for use in manufactured homes from such builders as Karsten, Golden West, and Silver Crest, among others. Panels are available in variable sizes, from 84 to 192 inches long by 4 feet wide. Prices will vary according to the sizes you choose to use. These tiles are available at National Gypsum Company, Charlotte, North Carolina. You can learn more at nationalgypsum.com, or you can call 800-NATIONAL.

Modulux Ceiling Panels, for sale at Mobile Home Depot in Highland, Michigan, weigh less than a third of the weight of drywall panels. They are easily stapled into place and effectively hide wood beams and supports. The pattern on these white panels is designed to reflect light, making any room in your manufactured home or trailer feel more open and spacious. These are neutral white panels, so they will work with any decorating ideas in any manufactured home, from Skyline to Kit Homes. Pricing for these replacement tiles is available upone request. You can find out more at mobilehomedepotmi.com or by calling 877-887-3187.

One of the best known suppliers of equipment, hardware, and accessories for manufactured homes is R and G Supply. Known for offering quality products for discount prices, R and G sells unfinished sheetrock ceiling panels. These panels measure 4 feet wide by 8 feet or 9 feet, whichever you prefer. They are vinyl covered and are ready to be painted for a modern, traditional, or other look altogether. You can use these tiles as part of renovations for any manufactured home, built by Fleetwood, Clayton, or another builder of manufactured homes. Each panel is priced at $27.98 or $31.86, depending on the size. You can find them at randgsupply.com.

Cleaver Farm and Home is a True Value store that sells a wide range of supplies for your manufactured home. This list of merchandise includes ceiling tiles and suspension systems. They are available in a number of different styles and colors, and you can also purchase here the necessary hardware for installation. Cleaver Farm and Home is available online at cleaverfarm.com, or by phone at 620-431-6070. Before ordering, you will have to be able to give measurements and tell if your home is a single, double, or triple wide structure. With this information, you will be able to obtain pricing information. This retailer is located in Humboldt, Kansas.

Residents in and around Tampa, Florida have an excellent resource for replacement ceiling panels at Marathon Services, Inc. They sell and install white ceiling panels that measure 4 feet wide, 13 feet 4 inches long, and 5/16 inches thick. These are decorative ceiling panels that also absorb sound and are flame and moisture resistant. They are made of drywall and are easy to install and replace. Pricing is available upon request at http://marathonmobilehomesupply.com/products/ or by calling 813-621-3755.

When some people think of manufactured homes, they thinnk of noisy rooms in which everything reverberates and echoes, but this is simply not the case. In fact, you can go the extra mile and install ceiling panels that were designed specifically for acoustic quality, like the Acoustical Drop Tiles, sold at Acoustical Solutions, Inc. These contemporary aftermarket tiles are available in two size options: 2 feet square or 2 feet by 4 feet. They are easy to install and are designed to absorb a substantial amount of sound. You can learn more or even seek out a price quote for your renovations at acousticalsolutions.com. You could also call 800-782-5742.

The Home Depot has long been a destination for those who have remodeling or repair projects because they stock all necessary accessories and equipment. While they do not sell at wholesale prices, you can count on the pricing being reasonable and less expensive than many of their competitors. They sell the Shanko 5007 White Finish Nail-Up Ceiling Tiles. These tiles are 2 feet wide by 4 feet long and are sold for $33.23 each. There are Home Depot stores in almost all major urban areas across the country, and you can also order online at homedepot.com. You can also call 800-HOME-DEPOT to order or to learn of a store near you.

Whether you have chosen to use a drop ceiling or to glue up your tiles, Ceilume Smart Tiles make a great choice. These are versatile panels that are made of plastic and come in a variety of colors and designs to help you create the unique look you desire for your manufactured home. They are available in 2 foot square tiles and in tiles that measure 2 feet wide by 4 feet long. To learn more, you can visit ceilume.com or call 800-557-0654. Ceilume has locations in California and in Windsor, Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which ceiling tiles contain asbestos?

A: Whether you are a homeowner, potential home buyer, inspector or a building contractor it is crucial that you know how to tell which ceiling tiles contain asbestos. Most ceiling tiles that were used in construction before 1981 are assumed to have asbestos. It is a requirement that you have your ceiling tiles tested for asbestos before engaging in any form of renovation. Not doing so, could put you in danger of contracting illnesses like mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and other health conditions.

Q: How can ceiling panels be cleaned?

A: Cleaning your ceiling is one of the ways of ensuring that your home looks great. Before you start attending your ceiling panels or tiles ensure that your hands are clean. Then cover your furniture and floor with a piece of cloth or plastic sheet. Lastly, protect yourself by wearing a dust mask and safety glasses.

Vacuum the entire ceiling panels to remove dust and cobwebs using a vacuum cleaner with attachments. Try cleaning in one direction to avoid smearing dust on the ceiling surface. Soft bristles attachments such those used for cleaning walls or upholstery are usually the best option.

Q: Can ceiling panels be painted?

A: If cleaning your ceiling panels do not add glory to your house anymore it is time to paint it and add appeal to your home. When painting your ceiling panels ensure that you have cleaned them first. Also, remember to use water based paint since it is compatible with many types of ceiling panels. When painting the ceiling panels, you can either use a roller, brush or a high volume low-pressure sprayer to apply the paint.

Q: Are ceiling tiles recyclable?

A: After carrying out renovations cleaning up and disposing of the waste materials can be overwhelming. If you have a heap of old ceiling tiles lying in your backyard you can consider disposing of it properly according to the regulations or recycle the tiles as long as they do not contain asbestos.

Q: How can ceiling panels be repaired?

A: At some point, you will have to repair your ceiling panels if they become damaged. Water is one of the major ceiling destroyers in many homes. If you have a leaking roof, you will notice some brown spots on your ceiling. While you can repair your ceiling personally, you can consider hiring a pro to handle the job for you. The type of repair required depends on the damage extent whereby sometimes it may require that you replace all ceiling panels. However, if it's only one panel that is affected, you will have to find a matching panel and replace it.

Q: Are ceiling tiles fireproof?

A: Ceiling tiles are classified in two fireproof categories. The first category is the flame spread rating also known as the surface burning characteristics rating. This type of rating aims in determining how a ceiling tile is going to react in the event of a fire. A good rating or class A rating means that the material used to make the ceiling tile is non-flammable; therefore, the ceiling tiles are fireproof. On the other hand, a band rating means the material is highly flammable therefore the ceiling tile is not fireproof.

The second type of rating is called the fire barrier rating. This category aims in determining how long the ceiling tiles can resist and prevent fire spread. Ceiling tile barrier rating includes the rating of the other materials used in the assembly since the tile cannot be rated alone. Fire resistance differs among various ceiling tiles depending on the type of materials used to manufacture them. Some are fire proof while others are highly flammable.

Q: What are radiant ceiling panels?

A: Radiant ceiling panels are a heating system that operates differently from the common baseboard and forced air heating systems. A forced air heating system involves blowing air across an electric resistor or a gas flame in a heat exchanger where the air is warmed. Then the warm air is blown through the buildings ventilation ducts to circulate it all-around the entire building. In a radiator or the baseboard system, a boiler pumps steam or water through a series of metal pipes to heat the building. Radiant ceiling panels, on the other hand, use an entirely different heat distribution mechanism.

Radiant ceiling panels normally heat a room via thermal radiation whereby they usually transfer energy in the form of photons. A radiant ceiling panel does very little in warming the air but will warm any object within range. Inside the frame of a radiant ceiling panel which is usually made of either a high-density fiberglass insulation board or a metal plate is where the solid state heating element is fixed. The heating element is then covered with a decorative surface coating. Most radiant ceiling panels are normally about 1 inch thick but can vary in square feet. 

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