A Functioning Exhaust Fan In Your Manufactured Home Is Very Important

Exhaust fans are possibly more important in manufactured homes and mobile homes than they are in foundation homes. When you live in a structure in which space is limited, it becomes a higher priority to remove extra dampness from the bathroom or cooking odors from the kitchen, whether you reside in a single, double, or triple wide home. There are many different resources that offer quality options for your modular home, mobile home, or trailer. Manufactured home exhaust fans are easy to install aftermarket if your old one is in ill repair.

The Ventline Bathroom Ceiling Exhaust Fan With Light is a particularly space saving device, as it includes both an overhead light and a fan. It fits a rough opening of 10 ¾ inches in diameter, and it will work in a wide variety of manufactured homes from any number of builders, including Golden West, Kit Homes, and Skyline. When you choose this product as a replacement for your old fan, you will love the extra quiet motor and the decorative boost that the light gives the room. You can order this product at mobilehomepartsstore.com, or you can call 888-277-7220. Mobile Home Parts Store one of the best suppliers of manufactured home equipment and accessories at discount prices.

Also available at mobilehomepartsstore.com is the Broan Bathroom Ceiling Exhaust Fan. This is a simple bathroom fan measures 7 ½ inches by 7 ¼ inches and is 3.625 inches deep. The visible casing is made of white plastic that fits almost flush to the ceiling. The super quite motor adds to the comfort of the bathroom, and it is also energy efficient. This is an ideal replacement fan for any manufactured home, including those built by Silver crest and Fleetwood. It comes with all necessary hardware for installation. This fan is product number 250150 and sells for $22.99.

Some manufactured homes have no exhaust fan or the fan is located in the wall instead of the ceiling. If you are working on a remodeling project and wish to install your fan in the wall, you may be interested in the Ventline Chrome Sidewall Exhaust Fan, also for sale at the Mobile Home Parts Store. The inside grill on this fan measures 9 ½ inches square, and the fan fits a rough opening of 2 ¾ inches to 4 inches square. The grill has a modern look, as it is made from brushed chrome. The outside portion of the fan has a little door that opens with a pull chain. You can purchase this product for $59.96.

Another retailer that offers lots of options when it comes to supplies and equipment for your manufactured home is Mobile Home Depot, found online at mobilehomedepotmi.com. The warehouse for this company is found in Highland, Michigan, but they deliver all over the country. Whether you are seeking a simple replacement fan or planning major renovations to a used home, you are sure to find a product that works for you. The Lighted Side Exhaust Fan from Ventline is a decorative piece that features a contemporary dome shaped light, surrounded by the fan grates. It is available in 50 CFM or 75 CFM, with prices ranging from $49.43 to $54.02 respectively.

A simpler option available at Mobile Home Depot is the Ventline Vent Fan without a light. Because this retailer is known for selling quality products near wholesale level, this is a great place to start looking for the right fan for your manufactured home. This fan comes with built in strain relief and has an unassuming cover that fits almost flush to the ceiling and is 7 inches in diameter. This means that it will not interfere with your decorating ideas for the rest of the room. You can purchase this product for $29.56 to $38.59.

If you would prefer to repair your bathroom exhaust fan rather than replace it, you will find the supplies you need at Mobile Home Repair, found online at mobilehomerepair.com. The Bath Fan Motor Kit, item number X89-547, includes all of the necessary parts to build a new fan or replace those parts in your current fan that are no longer working properly. This is a great kit to have on hand, whether you own a Karsten home, a Clayton, or a home from another popular builder. You can purchase this kit for $34.88 online or you can call 605-229-2627. This retailer is located in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Also available at Mobile Home Repair are brand new replacement fans, like the Bath Exhaust Fan, item number V2260-50. This fan is a 120-volt, 50 cfm model that features a white cover measuring 9 inches in diameter. The fan, itself, is 7 inches in diameter and 6 ½ inches deep. You can purchase this ceiling mount fan for $39.85.

At amazon.com, you will find the Panasonic WhisperValue 50 CFM Low Profile Ventilation Fan. The plastic cover is white and fits flush to the ceiling; it does nothing to steal from your overall décor. It is Energy Star certified and is made to require less ceiling capacity than other standard fans. You can purchase this item for $67.65.

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