Manufactured Home Exterior Door Hardware - Many Options

The exterior door of any house plays a dual role. The door has to be strong and stable as it is the main access to the interior of the house so it will have to play a good role in the safety of the house. If the exterior door is made of low quality material and does not live up to the expected security standards than the people of the house can be at risk at the hands of intruders and burglars.

The exterior door also has to be of a good quality and should be designed and built in a way that suits the structure and design of the overall house. The material used should also be able to withstand the effects of the environmental factors like rain, sunshine, wind, snow and sleet. All manufactured home exterior door hardware has to go through rigorous tests to ensure that they are of the highest quality. This is done because most clients including homeowners and builders stress on the quality of all the pieces including the frame of the door and the other pieces of hardware that is used.

To set up an exterior door the builder will have to use many different pieces of hardware in combination with the main door and frame. Some of the pieces that are required to safely put up a door are the hinges, the strike plate, the latch, the roller ( in case of a sliding door), door spring and chain, door stopper, knocker, peep hole, window frame to be installed in the door and even door sweeps.

All these different products can be used in various combinations according to the preferences and requirements of the client. The clients can choose a door stopper if he stays in a windy area and a door sweep would be suitable for a house situated in an area where dust storms are a common occurrence.

The door: The customers can select from a wide selection of materials. They can choose from a wooden door, steel doors, fabricated doors, plastic doors, aluminium doors and bronze doors. The doors can be selected according to the overall design and construction of the house. All these different products can be found by searching online for metal doors and frames or different types of doors and frames.

The door hinges: Hinges are the first requirement if you want to put up the door safely. You can opt for a simple hinge or a combination hinge. These hinges can be chosen in different colours, though mostly silver and bronze colours are used. You can also get it painted according to the colour of your door.Hafele America Co, Zero international, Republic doors and frames, Gyford Standoff Systems, Costal industries, Knape&Voqt, Dorma glass, Vixen Hill, Atlantic premium shutters and Blum are the leading suppliers of hinges.

The door latch: The door latch has to be very durable as it is the most used part of the door. The latch can be available as a separate piece, as is the case with antique or custom made latches. Usually they are available along with the locking system. The durability of the locking system and its quality is given more importance as the owner will otherwise be required to change the whole package.Accurate, Arrow, Baldwin , Best access, Cal-royal, design, Emtek, Grandeur, marks USA and Neoporte are all great brands that provide superior products to the clients.

Door stoppers: Door stoppers, which are extremely useful in places where strong winds are a common occurrence, should be of the best quality if it has to be safe and sound. Sugatsune America, Inc supplies some of the highest quality doorstoppers. Hafele ,Neoporte, Blume, Baldwin, Best access, Emtek, Design and Arrow also have high quality products.

Door springs: Door springs can be used for safety purpose and also to increase the effectiveness of cooling as the door will be closed instantaneously. The springs have to be of very high quality otherwise the springs will be spoiled very soon. The best quality springs will be available from the Polygal brand.

Peep holes: In today's world, when safety is the primary concern, most homeowners prefer to have a peep hole built into their doors so that they can see who is at the door before they open the door. Home Protector Mfg. Co., Inc manufactures very high quality peepholes with the best quality lenses.

Coatings: Many different doors have different coatings. Many different doors have been given different coatings like dust proof coatings, water proof coating, scratch proof coating and coatings to maintain the shine and colour of the paint. Sherwin-Williams, Euclid Chemical Co, Dur-A-Flex Inc, Pratt & Lambert Paints, Pacific Polymers, Inc., Polyglass USA, Inc., Rust-Oleum Industrial Coatings, Dryvit Systems, Inc., Kelly-Moore Paints , Zinsser Brands / Rust-Oleum Corporation and Neyra Industries, Inc. produces the best quality coatings.

Door knockers: Door knockers are coming back into fashion. They are used more as a decorative piece than as an actual knocker. These knockers are usually very decorative and can have exquisite work on it. Simple modern and minimalist designs are also available for homes with a new design. The different brands that offer the customers the best knockers are Rockwood Mfg. Co. Inc., Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp., Omnia Industries, Inc., Cape Cod Weathervane Company.

All these brands have the photographs of the products on the sites on the internet. The clients can look through the photographs to select the product that suits their needs and requirements. The clients can also contact the various companies and inquire about the price and other features of their products. Most companies will have their phone numbers and e-mail addresses displayed on the site. You can search for the brands using the product names. This will lead to the client getting a list of all the companies that supply the product. The client can then choose from the list, based on their personal requirements.

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