How To Choose The Right Range Hood For Your Kitchen

 A kitchen Range hood is a kind of ventilation which is placed above the cook top for the purpose of removing smells, vapor, heat and steam from the kitchen. Most people install them to do away with the smell, humidity and heat although they also prevent the occurrence of a dirty and greasy sheen on your walls and other surfaces. Basically, there are three types of range hoods. A fixed range hood is the most common of all and will normally be positioned over the stove. Secondly, a home owner can opt for a retractable range hood which can be revealed when it is necessary and pushed back into its hiding when it is not needed. Lastly, we have the canopy range hood which is liked for its power and versatility with regards to installation; it can either be mounted on the wall or over Island cook tops.

If you intend to purchase one, you will also have to select between those which clean air by venting to the outside and those which achieve their goal by recalculating air and filtering it before redirecting it back to the kitchen.

Considerations to make before buying a range hood

Getting into a home improvement store and picking anything which is labeled Range Hood will bring forth frustrations unless you are very lucky. For instance, there is no way a retractable range hood would be applicable if you do not have kitchen cabinets over your cook top. Another of the concerns which will determine your choice is where you would like the moist air from your kitchen ventilator to go. If you are not comfortable with it being directed to your roof space, you would have to choose a vented range hood over those which recirculate the air in your kitchen. Remember some of these devices need you to replace the filters; if you are going to select one of that kind, make sure there is a close store to you where you can source the replacement filters. Below are some examples of Range Hoods in each of the above described categories.

1) Name: Broan QS130SS Allure Range Hood

URL: http://is.gd/7oToFs

Type: Ductless

Pricing: $ 152.98 from Amazon

Overview: The hoods under the QS1 series from Broan are today considered the ultimate examples of what a quality hood should look and function like. This particular one is very quiet courtesy of axial blade technology. It is designed to be installed under a cabinet and is fully enclosed for easy maintenance. At normal speed, it operates at 1.5 Sones although a 220 CFM setting is available.

2) Name: Kitchen Bath Collection Stainless Steel Hood

URL: http://is.gd/GjYfia

Type: Vented

Pricing: $ 199 from Amazon

Overview: One of the things which would make this hood recommendable is its beauty. It comes with a touch screen control panel, has no visible seam on any of the three chimney faces and 2 LED lights are included. With regards to functionality, you will get flexible aluminum ducts which aid easy attachment to a wall or ceiling, aluminum micro-grease filters and charcoal carbon filters. The hood has three speed settings and is capable of ductless installation where no addition kit is required.

How to handle installation

A range hood is just like any other appliance you have in your kitchen. It uses electricity for operation which implies that you first have to switch it off from the mains. If you intend to upgrade and already have an existing hood, extract it carefully using a screw driver where necessary and especially if it is an under cabinet type. The next thing you need to do is check whether your new hood fits into position. For those who prefer vented hoods, a ventilation holes will have to be made into the wall just above the cook top. Alternatively, you might want to reposition your cook top so that it is adjacent to a window. The next thing you should do is ensure that your new hood is correctly wired to the electrical supply. If you are not sure on how to do this, read your manual. Finally, place the hood into its position using screws and a screw driver. People who cannot handle the wiring or are not confident in installing manufacture home kitchen range hoods by themselves can call in a kitchen contractor for the task.

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