Trust Your New Or Used Manufactured Home To A Professional Moving Company

One of the many advantages of owning a manufactured home is that it is actually movable. Today’s manufactured homes are built to look and feel comfortable, unique, and very much like a traditional home. However, if the time comes for you to move, there are manufactured home moving companies that can actually transport your home from one lot to another.

1) Michigan

Those homeowners transporting a manufactured home in the state of Michigan can turn to Preferred Mobile Home Sales. While this is a great resource for purchasing used modular and mobile homes, they also provide transportation services for new or used homes. If you have had a house built or have chosen an already finished house by Karsten, Golden West, Fleetwood, or another manufacturer, you can call on Preferred Mobile Home Sales to pick it up, transport it, and set it up for you. You can learn more at preferredmobilehomes.com, or you can call 616-534-3400. They are located at 6132 South Division Avenue, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49548.


2) Texas

For individuals and families in Texas, All State Specialty Contracting has the trailer capacity to carry single, double, and triple wide manufactured homes, and they serve all of Texas. This is important when you need to move your home across a long distance within the state. You can call them directly at 817-681-7833. They can also be found online at mobilehomeparkstore.com. All State is located at 3004 Wayside Drive, Bedford, Texas, 76021.


3) New York And New Jersey

In the states of New York and New Jersey, you can call on Modular Services of New York, Inc. This is a privately owned organization that will work with manufacturers like Silver Crest and Clayton to move new manufactured homes or will work directly with you to move your current home from your old address to your new. You can contact Modular Services at 607-326-3401. Their offices are located at 461 Cold Spring Road, Roxbury, New York, 12474.


4) California

Serving the entire state of California, as well as Nevada, Arizona, and Oregon, Baxter Mobile Home Transport, Inc. provides expert transportation services for mobile homes and manufactured homes. They will work with you to move your new home from Skyline or Kit Home or from a model home area, or they will move your existing home when you move. You can contact Baxter at 209-544-8212 or you can find them online at baxtermobilehometransport.com. They are located at 2540 Burlwood Drive, Modesto, California, 95355.


5) Florida

All Florida Manufactured Home Services, Inc. services the entire state of Florida, transporting new and used manufactured homes and setting them up for their clients. To learn more about the services this licensed organization provide, you can visit them online at afmhs.com, or you can call 813-714-9364. They are located at 36814 Teresa Road, Dade City, Florida, 33523.

6) Louisiana

Eddie’s Mobile Home Movers, LLC is located at 30951 Walker North Road, Walker, Louisiana, 70785. They serve the southern part of the state, reliably transporting modular homes and mobile homes from one point to another. They are licensed and offer reasonable prices. To request a quote or to learn more, you can find them at mobilehomeparkstore.com or you can call 225-439-5264.


7) Idaho

TJT Field Services can be found at 775 South Rivershore Lane, Eagle, Idaho, 83616, making them a great resource for owners of manufactured homes who live in the state. However, they actually offer a nationwide service. TJT Field Services will transport and install mobile homes, manufactured homes, RV’s, and campers. They also offer a 24-hour repair service hotline. You can call them at 800-458-3555, or visit them online at mobilehomeparkstore.com.


8) Iowa

CR Homes is a mobile and manufactured home transporter at 2341 Blairs Ferry Road Northeast S-1, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52402. They service all of the state of Iowa; in addition to transporting a setting up manufactured homes, they also provide roofing services, tear down, and service freeze ups and more. You can contact CR Homes at 319-360-1197 or visit them on the World Wide Web at mobilehomeparkstore.com.


9) Georgia

One of the best transportation companies for manufactured homes for the state of Georgia is actually in Florida. Sam’s Mobile Home Service, located at 11381 North Linda Marie Terrace, Dunnellon, Florida, 33433, serves all of Florida and all of Georgia. They will orchestrate your move, starting with pulling permits and preparing your new site, then loading and transporting your home, and finally installing it for you. This includes your electric, water, and septic hookups. You can learn more at mobilehomeparkstore.com, or you can call 352-257-1282.

10) Virginia

Owners of manufactured homes in the state of Virginia can count on On The Spot Movers, LLC to move their new or used home from one point to another. This organization services the entire state of Virginia, offering full service from the loading of your home onto their trailers to installing it in your new address or lot. You can find On The Spot Movers, LLC at 1058 Landover Street, Bedford, Virginia, 24523. They can be reached by phone at 540-330-9488, or you can find them online at allthevirginia.com.


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