The Best Manufactured Home Shower Heads Online

Manufactured homes have become more popular as they are cheap to build,of high quality and easy to maintain . If you need to replace your shower heads then shopping online is easy, fast,reliable and convenient. Manufactured home shower heads are not like conventional home's shower heads and you have to look for specific shower heads that are designed for manufactured homes.

You may need to replace the shower head in your home if it drips even when the faucet is closed or part of the shower head is clogged, or the shower head is not working at all. You may also want to replace the shower head if your old one is of an older version and you want to get a newer version that will save you more water use. Or your old shower head looks old and you want to revamp the look of your bathroom. You may get a hand held shower head or a standard one. A standard shower head is the most common type found in manufactured homes and these come in many different varieties. You can pick a shower head that has different settings so that you can choose a light spray or a pulsating stream, they come in different colors such as chrome, gray, white, black and others. These shower heads are cheaper than handheld ones. Handheld shower heads are preferred over standard shower heads because you are able to direct the water where you want it so you rinse yourself faster so that you save water. However, the disadvantages of using this type of shower head is that the hose can be a problem and they are more likely to experience drips as compared to standard shower heads.

Oxygenics Bodyspa Hand Held Shower Head is an efficient shower head that uses the Venturi Principle whereby the water coming out of the shower head increases in the force and speed it is coming out so that you use less water at a high pressure so you can really enjoy your showers. This hand held shower's features include a mounted handheld holder, a sixty inch hose and pipe, has a setting for using full body spray. The shower head is made with Dupont Delrin acetal resin so that your shower head does not clog, it is efficient and uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute and it comes in chrome or brushed nickel.

The Oxygenics range of shower heads is available at www.showerheadstore.com and at Amazon and it costs an average of $30 and it comes with a pipe and handheld holder depending on which Oxygenics Bodyspa Hand Held Shower Head you will get because there are various types.

You may also opt to get the DANCO 2 inches Mobile Home Showerhead in White. This shower head is made of plastic and comes in a versatile white color which will suit most decors. This shower head is efficient using 2 gallons of water per minute. It costs $4.82 at www.homedepot.com.

The Mobile Home Shower Head is an attractive shower head that comes in a black chrome color and it is a light weight shower head with a regular spray. The biggest advantage of this shower head is that it is light so it will not put a strain on your manufactured home wall. It costs $6.99 at completemobilehomesupply.com.

A standard shower head you can get at a cheap price is the Proplus range of shower heads. These cost from less than one dollar to more than ten dollars depending on the shower head's features. You can get a single function showerhead that you can adjust to get a full body spray and various other spray patterns. It comes in chrome and it is non corrosive. It is water efficient and uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute. This Proplus shower head costs $1.55 at mobilehomedepotmi.com. Other Proplus shower heads at the same online store are the single function shower head which has the ability to reduce the flow of water but still maintain enough pressure so you can have an invigorating shower. The features include a push button flow control so that you are able to close off the water while soaping yourself. This type costs $3.92 when the shower head does not have a shut off and $8.29 if it does. There are many other Proplus shower heads available.

Mobilehomepartsstore.com has a variety of showerheads that you can purchase and from different manufacturers. Some of the shower heads in the store are Empire ½ inch Chrome Shower Head which costs $ 0.99 and has adjustable settings so you can get different spray patterns. It uses 2.5 Gpm (gallons of water per minute). You can also pick up the Premier Endura 5 Setting Chrome Shower Head which has five adjustable spray settings; spray, massage, spray/massage, soft and pause, it uses water at 2.5 Gpm, and it comes in chrome and it costs $11.97. This type of shower head also comes in three spray settings. There is also the Phoenix Single Function White Shower Head which costs $9.97. This is a single handheld shower head which consists of a trickle shut off.

There are numerous online stores where you can shop for shower heads that are suited for manufactured homes. To get the right shower head, do your research so that you end up picking a shower head that will be be of high quality so that it can last long, will save you water and which has sufficient water spray so that you can enjoy your showers. It is also important to know the fittings and size specifications so that you can buy a shower head that will fit. Some important information to have is the size of the shower head fixture so that you buy a shower head that will fit. For handheld shower heads, check what is the appropriate length of the pipe for your use. You don't want to get a pipe that is too short so you cannot maneuver the shower head easily or one that is too long so that it is cumbersome to use.

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