Wall Repair Solutions For Your Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes are homes that are designed according to customer preferences and transported over a highway system. The walls of these manufactured houses are made of very light material to ease transportation. This leads to quicker damage of manufactured homes’ walls as compared to stick-built homes.

Although manufactured homes are very advantageous due to their mobility, they can easily get damaged since the material used is not strong enough to ensure durability. There are many signs that you should look out for that will tell you your wall requires repairing. They include; a hole in your wood panel, mould growth on walls and also wood rotting. Most manufactured walls are ruined by moisture.

If your wall has these signs or any other that indicate damage, there is no need to be alarmed since it can be fixed. There are many manufactured home wall repair options you might consider when starting the repairs. They vary depending on your wall type.

Dry wall

Dry wall repair options can be either standard dry wall repair or vinyl-coated drywall. Standard dry wall is very easy to accomplish. Drywall is usually made in very little thickness to ease transportation of the manufactured home. A keyhole saw is used to cut the damaged part of the wall in standard method. Wood backing is then inserted into the opening and drywall screws are installed through the undamaged drywall into the wood backing. This is done above and below the opening. A piece of dry wall should then be cut to fill the opening then put in place. A taping compound is used to tape the patch. When the repair dries, you should add as many coats to the compound in order to hide the taping. Texture and sand the area after this. When this is done, you can paint the patch when it dries.

Vinyl-coated dry wall is very difficult for you to do on your own. It is very difficult to fix this dry wall. The only option available is to repair your entire wall.

Wall Panels

Panels cannot be fixed simply by hiding existing holes or any other form of damage. An entirely new paneling needs to be installed to fix this kind of damage. An experienced constructer should do this for you. This is because it is not an easy task and cannot be managed by simple use of a manual. However it does not take a long time to do wall paneling.

Sheet rock

The sheet rock can also be a major area that gets damaged in your manufactured home. The might have holes in them. The steps involved in fixing a hole in a sheet rock are; making a patch and fixing the patch to the hole. The patch can be hidden by use of pain.

There a number of wall repair products you can use. These include:

1. Dry wall Plug

The list price for this product is $5.89 and the price is $4.98 + $4.99 shipping. No experience is needed when using this product. It saves time and money and gives you professional results. Dry wall plug is of high quality since it is not a kit. It is used to fix holes on dry walls.

2. BEADEX quick spray decorating texture

This is used to unify the feel of your wall by making it evenly smooth. It ranges from $5 to $7. This product is easy to use and does not require any professional expertise. It comes in a can.

3. Crack Shot Sparkling Spray

This is a paste. It is use in sealing holes that are present on you manufactured home wall. It is easy to use and you can therefore use it without help from a professional .It comes in a tube like container which is blue in color and is written in red and white. It is sold at $6.49.

4. Dap 31084 concrete patch.

This is used to fill the holes that are in your wall. It is sold at $8. It comes in a small white container that has a sticker around it. The sticker is written in yellow. This is a product that is easy to use and therefore requires no professional expertise.

5. Woodmate 2498 Mr. Grip Screw Hole Rep...

This helps in making screw holes in your wall. It is sold at $112.08. This might require someone with experience in order to do it right.

6. Dap 37584 Liquid Cement Crack Filler.

This product is used to fill the cracks in your manufactured home wall. It sold at $9.98. It does not require expertise but needs you to be extra careful in order to do it right.

7. Vinyl sparkling compound

This is a compound used in vinyl drywall. It makes the final look of the wall appear shiny. It is sold at $8.

8. Nail hole filler.

This helps you drive the nails into the nail hole. They are sold at $3

9. Glazing compound

Performs the same action as the sparkling compound. It is sold at $9.98.

10. Paint brushes.

These are very important when you plan on changing the color of your wall. The pain brush price range from $5 to $6.

The aforementioned items can all be found at www.amazon.com.

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