Common Questions About Manufactured Home Window Sills Projects

When you own a manufactured home, prepare to carry out a few installation tasks occasionally. So if you're looking for a trustworthy window sills installation guide, this is your one-stop guide to window sill installation.

The following best practices and guidelines will help you understand a few things. The questions have been tackled below:

First, you should determine whether the task at hand needs an installation professional. Does it require a permit? What are the problems you're likely to encounter? How much will labor cost? Finally, what are the quality checks that must be conducted during the installation process?

Manufactured home window sills: Common questions answered

1) What's the fairest price for which you should pay to get them installed?

The cost you'll pay varies depending on the size of the project, time of the year and quality of materials used. However, the average cost you should expect to pay should fall between $20 and $40 per installation. However, additional fees may be charged for rush jobs or small projects.

2) Do you need a permit to conduct such installations?

Your local building department requires you to take permits for certain home improvement tasks. However, a small project involving the installation of window sills won't require a permit. Again, if your manufactured home is subject to the guidelines of homeowners association covenant, then you should ensure that your project is following those guidelines.

3) Is it worth hiring an installation professional to work on your window sills?

Poor installation will sacrifice on functionality, appearance, and useful life of the window sill. Therefore, you should consider hiring a professional to do the task for you, and make sure payment milestones is tied to appropriate quality checks.

4) Is it something you can install on your own?

A typical installation task can be done by a moderately skilled DIY-ier. However, careful planning and attention to details is required to do a smart job.

5) The number of days it takes to complete the task

The average window sill installation project will take at least one day to finish.

Quality checks, options and other important details

If there are written contracts involved, make sure relevant information is included. The checklist below should help you carry out a successful project. Only make payments when the project has come to an end satisfactorily.

(a) The material, layout, finish, location and appearance will be approved by the owner of the home before any installation work can be commenced.

(b) The window sill layout should depict the joints/seams and placement which must be reviewed before work can commence.

(c) Installations will be leveled to within 1/64 inches in any two foot direction.

(d) Gaps should not exceed 1/16 inches where window sills meet adjacent surfaces. Gaps that are 1/16 inch or wider should be concealed with caulk material or scribing.

(e) The window sills must be installed in such a way that the base is solidly attached to the mounting surface.

(f) Connections should be made with a single but continuous length of molding. There should not be any splice along any connection.

(g) Window sill surfaces and finishes must not show defects, physical damages or irregularities.


Installation should follow manufacturer warranty requirements. Therefore, ensure that you or the service provider you're working with is taking care of these things. Those who will be working on this project should be called on in work orders or contracts.

- The task at hand should be compliant with guidelines as highlighted by the Homeowner association requirements.

- Written contracts should highlight quality checks, scope of project, timing, warranty, payment terms, etc. Ensure the contract is signed by both parties.

- As the project owner who is in charge of the work, ensure that you've reviewed the order to establish if delivery of orders is according to the requirements of the project.

- All demolition work must be conducted and debris removed 24 hours before work can commence.

- Finally, if it's a big project, you should pay using a check to ensure that tax purposes are covered.

And now that you have a clue of what to expect before you pay for the installation, it's time to source for window sills you'd like to install. The best place to source for these items is Amazon or HomeDepot. This page http://is.gd/bv9TS3 should be a resource link to all your window sill products.

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