10 Outdoor Dog Kennels That Are Perfect For Any Yard

Having a outdoor dog kennel is a must-have if you do not have a fenced in yard on your property. It's important to have a dog kennel for many reasons, it's never good to leave your dog to roam the house when you aren't home and an outdoor dog kennel is the perfect place to put your dogs when you need to run some errands. It's also a good way for your pet to relax in the fresh air.

Many people are unsure what type of dog kennel to buy and where to buy to them for the best prices and if you are one of those people, you do not need to wonder and worry anymore. Here are 10 great dog kennels that will keep your dog safe while enjoying the outdoors.

1. Midwest K9 Kennel - This is a very durable outdoor kennel that many people love and choose to use for their dogs. Some of it's features include:

-A sunroof for the days when the sun is beating down and you don't want your dog to suffer in that kind of heat.
-It comes in 3 different sizes which means you can find one for your dog no matter what breed.
-A very secure door which leaves very little chance that your dog will escape.
-It's lightweight so you can move it easily if needed, you can even travel with the kennel.

Cost of Midwest K9 Kennel: Prices start at $224.98

Where to find K9 Midwest Kennel: www.dogkennels.com

2. Cottageview Dog Kennel - This kennel is perfect for any smaller size breed of dog. It can easily fit in your garage or on your patio and of course it's great for the outdoors. Some of it's features include:

-Strong wire security that won't rust overtime
-Easy set-up
-A sun roof to help keep your dog cool
-Safety for your dog
-A gate that will help ensure no dog will break free on their own

Cost of Cottage View Dog Kennel: $279.95

Where to find Cottage View Dog Kennel: www.Petsafe.net

3. Lucky 2-in-1 Chain Link Dog Kennel - If you're looking for a larger kennel, this is a good choice. Whether it's because you have two dogs or you just want to ensure that your one dog has plenty of room to his/herself, this kennel is good for both. When it says 2-in-1 that means that you can either choose to make it a dog kennel or a dog run. This kennel comes to a weight of 160 pounds and can ensure that your dog has plenty of space to stretch his/her legs.

Cost of Lucky 2-in-1 Chain Link Dog Kennel: $499.99

Where to buy Lucky 2-in-1 Chain Link Dog Kennel: www.Cabelas.com

4. Lucky Dog Kennel with Cover - This kennel is spacious and has a great cover that will keep your dog shaded and protected from the scorching sun or rainfall. This kennel was built for safety, it's made with strong, durable 12 gage chain link mesh and has a steel frame. Like I mentioned before, it's a very spacious kennel, it's dimensions are 5'W x 10'L x 6'H.

Cost of Lucky Dog Kennel with Cover: $299.88

Where to buy Lucky Dog Kennel with Cover: www.samsclub.com
Model: CL61099

5. ASPCA Premium Dog Kennel - This dog kennel comes in two different sizes, medium and large. Some of the kennel's features include:

-A cover that will not only keep them cool but is also waterproof as well
-There are no tools required to put together this kennel, so very easy assembly
-Easy to clean
-Steal door that locks from the outside; No runaway dogs
-No rusting
-Suitable for any breed of dog (depending on the size you purchase)
-Dimensions are 4'x4'x6' (medium) and 4'x8'x6' (large)

Cost of ASPCA Premium Dog Kennel: Price starts at $246.88

Where to find ASPCA Premium Dog Kennel: www.Walmart.com

6. Advantek Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel - Some features include:

-Constructed with weatherproof steal
-Double doors for even easier access
-Locks that are made to ensure the pets cannot get out
-Easy to clean
-Easy to assemble
-Very nice design

Cost of the Advantek Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel: Prices start at $332.99

Where to purchase Advantek Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel: www.petco.com

7. Midwest Black Exercise Pen without Door - This can work as well as a kennel if your dog just needs a place to do his/her outside business. You place place dog in the playpen to use the bathroom. You don't have to watch the dog as it is rather tall so a small breed of dog couldn't jump over. They can also run around and get exercise in the pin as well. Some of it's features include:

-Several different sizes to choose from
-Ground anchors
-Very simple set up
-Easy to store away when not in use

Cost of Midwest Exercise Pen without Door: Price starts at $40.00

Where to purchase the Midwest Exercise Pen without Door: www.Dogkennels.com

8. Do-it-yourself Dog Kennel Kit - This 5'W x 10'L x 4'H dog kennel is a simple kennel that is good for small dogs. Some of it's features include:

-Easy assembly: Quick frame connect components
-Steel door with latch
-No matter how long you use the kennel, it won't wear of rust
-Steel frames
-1" extended legs- Making it easier to clean and take care of

Cost of Do-it-Yourself Dog Kennel Kit: $299.00

Where to purchase Do-it-Yourself Dog Kennel Kit: www.classypetshop.com

9. Advantek 5' x 5' x 5' Pet Gazebo - This gazebo will add a lovely touch the outdoors of your house. You'll love this just as much as your dogs will. Some of it's features include:

-Very easy to assemble, less than an hour of your time
-Weather resistant cover
-Octagonal shape and design

Cost of Advantek Pet Gazebo: $199.93

Where to purchase Advantek Pet Gazebo: www.Lowes.com

10. www.optionspluskennels.com - There are plenty of great quality kennels to purchase from this site, so rather than just telling you about one, I'll tell you about a few that you can purchase from there that will leave your dogs happy and safe.

All kennels at OptionsPlusKennels are made with welded wire mesh rather than chain link, welded mesh is the safe choice to go with but chain link kennels aren't unsafe. They ensure that all kennels can be easily set up by one person in just a small amount of time with no tools or hassles. With each kennel, you can buy more pieces over time to add onto the kennel to make it bigger. So as your dog grows, the kennel can grow as well or maybe you'll decide to get another dog so you need a bigger kennel, you don't have to go out and purchase a new bigger one, you can just simply add on to the one you have.

Their cages are not only durable and safe, they are affordable as well. Prices start at $390.00.

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