How To Buy Outdoor Storage Cabinets For Your Manufactured Home

Outdoor storage may be necessary if you find that you have a lot of stuff and no more space in your manufactured home to accomodate them. You can get plenty of outdoor storage cabinets online made of different materials and in different dimensions depending on your needs and which are affordable.

Some advantages of using outdoor storage cabinets are that you are able to create more space in your home. You can use the outdoor cabinets to store things that you do no use everyday or often so that you can free up space in your home for other immediate needs. Outdoor storage is also very hardy and they are built to last a long time and different weather conditions.

When choosing outdoor storage cabinets you should consider the size of the sheds based on the space you have available to place them and the size and number of goods you want to store in them. If your space is narrow and you have plenty to store, it is best to use vertical cabinets. If you have more space, you may opt for horizontal cabinets. You should also consider the materials that you would prefer and ensure that you choose outdoor cabinets that are made of materials that will last for long even with extreme weather conditions. Materials such as wrought iron, industrial grade plastic and stainless steel are good choices for outdoor storage cabinets.

If you are looking for storage cabinets that you will transport a lot or move them around in different areas often then aluminum is a good choice as it is light in weight and it is very durable. You may opt to get outdoor cabinets that can double up as furniture for either seating or you can use them as tables. If you would like such dual purpose outdoor cabinets then it is best to go with those that are aesthetic as well as functional such as rattan cabinets or wooden ones.

You can get a wide range of outdoor cabinet storage from www.walmart.com. You can get a variety of sizes such as high or wide cabinets so you can choose those that will fit perfectly outside your manufactured home. If you are looking for a wide cabinet that can double up as furniture then the Suncast patio cabinet and prep station will work as storage area and you can use the top part to serve your family members or guests. It comes with two storage cabinets in addition to a serving shelf which can also be used as a countertop. The cabinets dimensions are the length and width are 22 inches with a height of 34 inches and the color is taupe with a ceramic like counter top. The cabinet costs $99 and is code number DCP2000.

You may also opt to get outdoor cabinets from amazon.com such as the Suncast cabinets which can be used either indoors or outdoors. These cabinets come in one color, beige with blue handles and they are made of durable resin material. The dimensions of the cabinets are twenty inches long, thirty inches wide and thirty six inches high. The Suncast outdoor cabinets cost $99.84 and they come unassembled but it is easy to put them together and you do not need tools to do so.

Another online store you can get outdoor cabinets is www.sears.com. You can pick up the Rubbermaid large vertical storage shed if you have plenty of items that need to be stored. The shed has four cabinets and they come in different sizes so that you are able to store different sizes of goods and equipment. The cabinets come in two colors which are olive and sandstone. This Model# RHP3746 costs $696.72. You may opt for the Suncast Corp. Storage Trends 3 Drawer Cabinet if you are looking for something smaller. This Suncast cabinet, Model# C3703 measures thirty inches wide, twenty inches deep and thirty six inches deep comes in taupe color. The three drawers each have a capacity for fourteen gallons. It costs $99.95.

Www.lowes.com has a number of outdoor storage cabinets that you can pick up for your manufactured home. The Stack On 22 Drawer Storage Cabinet Model #: DSB-22-3 is ideal if you are looking for multiple drawers to store various things. The cabinet is really wide at 19 inches with a depth of six inches and a length of nine inches. It is designed this wide for extra stability. The cabinet comes with one large ribbed drawer so that you can be able to easily access any and all contents which are in any of the twenty drawers. The cabinet costs $20 and you can mount it on the wall of your manufactured home.

WwwHomedepot.com has outdoor storage cabinets that you may use in your manufactured home such as the Keter 105 Gal. Rattan Storage Deck Box which is a rattan deck box that measures 26 inches wide, 52.5 inches deep and 25.5 inches high. You can also use it as a seat. It costs $128 and it is long lasting and durable as well as attractive and comes in a dark gray color.

Www.mobilehomeadvantage.com has a number of options that you can pick up to suit your outdoor storage needs. The sidemate Shed is a good outdoor storage option. It measures 62 inches high and the 30 inches wide. This shed is heavier as it is made of vinyl with metal wall columns. It is also pricy at $799 but you will be guaranteed that this outdoor storage will last a long time.

The most common outdoor storage cabinets are by Rubbermaid and Suncast and you can get these at various online stores such as suncast.com, Rubbermaid.com, walmart.com, target.com and a host of many other stores. These outdoor storage cabinets are perfect for manufactured homes as they are light so that they are easy to carry and move around. They are also durable and attractive and will serve more than storage purposes. Most of the outdoor cabinets by Suncast can also be used as furniture which is really convenient.

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