A Brief Look At Some Popular Pre-Built Garages Available In The Market

Once you have your manufactured home in place, it is important for you to secure other valuable assets such as your car. Pre built garages are a good option for anyone keen on fully securing his or her vehicle. Most of these garages can be built using a variety of materials such as wood, vinyl and metal (aluminum). The type of roofing used and the roofing style are also some of the factors that differentiate available garages from each other.

A good and well structured garage will not only secure your vehicle but also protect it against the elements of nature such as rain, storms and sunshine. It is also possible to find a pre built garage which can accommodate one or two cars at a go. A well chosen garage will not only be versatile but will also be long lasting and durable as well. Listed below is a list of some of the most popular pre built garages readily available in the market, they include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: 12’ x 20’ Cottage with Garage Door  

Product URL: http://is.gd/stliWo

Product Price: $ 5,000

Product Details: the pre-built garage does come with a 9’ x 7’ Garage door with a 36 inch wood side door and two windows with a ridge vent. It does also have a heavy duty pressure treated floor that can comfortably handle the weight of a car and is resistant to other pests and insects. This particular garage does have a cottage style roof and the garage door is always made on a gable end. It is a double door pre-built garage with Barkwood shingles and the shutters and doors are painted with brick paver. The overall color is a mushroom stain.

2) Product Name: 12’ x 24’ Garage High wall Style

Product URL: http://is.gd/jGhTz0

Product Price: $ 4680.00

Product Details: the prebuilt garage has a red siding, and a shingles roofing coupled with a beige trim. It also does feature a heavy duty pressure treated floor that’s tried and tested and won’t buckle under the weight of your car. It does also have a 36’ wood side door, a total of two windows which can be positioned according to your liking and one 9’ x 7’ garage door. It also has a ridge vent and can be availed with an optional stain.

3) Product Name: 24 x 24 Garage High wall style

Product URL: http://is.gd/xuJsN7

Product Price: $ 10,000

Product Details: this garage is available in Mocha and features a white trim around the windows. It does have white shutters and the roof does feature Shake wood shingles. It has a cottage style roof and does have two doors measuring 9’ x 7’ for the garage; it also has a wood side door that measures 36’ and a total of three windows. The garage does also come with a heavy duty floor that’s been pressure treated for maximum stability. It can also be available with glass in door and an optional stain.

4) Product Name: 14’ x 24’ Vinyl Garage High wall Style

Product URL: http://is.gd/P8hQoo

Product Price: $ 6,210.00

Product Details: this vinyl garage does come with a clay siding; the roofing is made from Weatherwood shingles and does also have a white trim. The garage has a single 9’ x 7’ Almond door and a 36’ steel side door. For this particular garage there is a free upgrade to a door that has a glass option. The side door is on the right hand side and because the garage is made from vinyl, it is virtually maintenance free since all of the trim is metal or vinyl.

5) Product Name: 12’ x 16’ Garage High wall Style

Product URL: http://is.gd/PTJZAv

Product Price: $ 3780.00

Product Details: this particular prebuilt garage does have a red siding and a beautiful gray trim with Barkwood shingles. The garage is well insulated and does feature 8’ x 7’ garage door and a heavy duty pressure treated floor with a ridge vent. It also has two windows which can be positioned according to what a client requires or needs. The same also applies to the positioning of the side door in question and several color combinations can be made available upon request.

It should be noted that most manufacturers will need or require a minimum of two weeks to deliver the garage even though this depends on where you are based. This waiting time period gets a bit longer if your garage is being custom built.

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