Room Dividers And Privacy Screens Can Give Your Space Style And New Perspective

Are you planning to get your house refurbished for making it more functional by separating large open spaces? If yes, then there are many factors that are needed to be taken into consideration before coming up with final plan. Many different alternatives are available today in the market to meet the purpose and among all of them the most favorable and attractive ones are room dividers and privacy screens. Room dividers and privacy screens are designed and manufactured to accomplish the task of dividing large room space into smaller sections. Some of the common requirements of having room dividers are:

1) To divide large room in smaller sections
2) To create separate reading area
3) To cover certain areas like closets, bathroom or garbage boxes
4) To divide spaces in commercial settings like hospitals, restaurants and offices

Room dividers and privacy screens are available to match varied architectural and personal requirements. One can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, materials and styles to match their taste and budget. These dividers are available in single, double and multiple folds to make sure that they cover less space when not in use. Popular room divider's styles include traditional, contemporary, decorative, modern and portable and among them the most popular products available over the net are:

1) 6 ft. Tall Two Tone Natural Fiber Room Divider: Two-tone natural fiber room divider is the most simple, useful and attractive room divider to match different surroundings. The 6 ft. tall structure is available in 3, 4 and 6 panel design to match varied requirements. The frames of the divider are made using light weight kiln dried spruce material. The product is best suited to meet requirements of places where dividers are installed to stop the light because it is opaque with two sided designs. The product code is JH09-128 and the dimensions of single panel are 17.75"W x 70.75"H. The product could be purchased online from www.roomdividers.com at price ranging from $103 to $204.

2) VersareMP10 feet wide mobile room divider: Product code#VSI001, Versare MP10 feet wide room divider is fitted with high gauge wheels to make it mobile. It is made using heavy duty cotton panels and steel frames with hinges that can move rotate at 360 degree best suited for places where divider needs to be moved as per the requirement. The product is available on www.iroomdividers.com in 3 different sizes i.e. 4 Feet, 6 Feet and 6 Feet 10 Inches. One can choose from Black, Blue, Red and Tan colors.

3) Multi Panel, Double Sided Shoji Privacy Screen w Lattice Design: Shoji privacy screen with product code# 44076 are made using fiber reinforced material best suited for places where both the sides of the divider are visible. They are fitted with hinges that can bend on both the sides for better usability. Honey finish multi panel room divider's dimension per panel is 17.5 in. W x 1 in. D x 72 in. H. The product is available at 30% discounted price on www.roomdividerstore.com.

4) Shoji Double Sided Sliding Door Kit Room Divider: The Asian style Shoji double sided room divider comes with sliding doors which is an easy to install kit available at www.walmart.com. The product is made out of hard fiber rice paper which is less prone to holes and other types of damage. The frames have designs on both the sides and it is available in natural, black, rosewood and honey colors. The dimensions of its each door are 80H X 36W X 1D inches. The product is bit highly priced at $785 as compared to other products still it is best to match certain requirements in commercial and household complexes.

5) Dolce screen: Dolce screen is best suited for places where already wooden furniture is installed. Dolce screen is made using hardwood composite with outer surface made of wood veneer with walnut finish. The dimension of single panel is 66.0 "H x 17.25 "W x 0.75 "D and its weight are around 38.5 pounds. They are easy to clean and maintain. Item #: 11219292, the dolce screen is available at a price of $120 on www.target.com.

6) 6 ft. Tall Woven Fiber Room Divider: The natural fiber woven room divider brings in tranquility in the surroundings where it is placed. The frameless room divider is made using natural wood mesh material and is fitted with double hinge for better movement. The dimensions of single panel are 17"W x 71"H and are available in 3,4,5,6 and 8 panels on www.roomdividers.com at price ranging from $105 to $278. The product code is SSFIBER and it has 7 color variants i.e. black, white, cream, light green, beige, dark mocha and red/black.

7) Room Divider Panel with Checker Design: Checker designed room divider by ACME is made using wood. Product code B000O31MXW on www.amazon.com, the room divider is available in cherry, black and natural finish. It is elegant in looks and it highly appropriate to be used in large kitchens. The dimensions of the product are (18"W x 3) x 71"H and it is available at discounted price of $35.46.

8) Coaster 3-Panel Liquid Metal Folding Screen: 3-panel folding screen from Coaster home furnishing with its sturdy construction is made using 2-sided cloth. The frames are liquid metal coated and it best suits the requirement of providing barrier to light from penetrating. Product code 900106 on www.amazon.com, the shipping weight of the product is 38.8 pounds and is available at a price of $109.87.

9) Shogun 3-Panel Room Divider: 3-panel room divider from Shogun is made out of hardwood frame and white colored walls that can be easily cleaned with dry cloth. The product code is 10631205 and its shipping weight and dimensions are 19 pounds and 72"Lx18"Wx3"H respectively. The product is available on www.target.com at a discounted price of 134.09 in espresso colored finish.

10) Griffin Canvas 4 Panel Room Divider: Griffin Canvas 4 Panel Room Divider with a product code of CKG053 available on www.iroomdividers.com at a price of $142. The product is best example of contemporary design. It is crafted using 4 dark rosewood pane with beige canvas screens that can well match with existing wooden furniture in your living room or office. The product is 75.5W x 1D x 66.5H in dimensions and is fitted with double hinges to provide better flexibility.

The above mentioned options for room dividers might best match your requirement but for better price and shipping deals, do not forget to compare your products on different websites before placing final order.

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