How To Buy The Best Power Surge Protector For Your Household

A number of households have more electronic devices than plugs on their walls. That's the reason you'll find a surge protector under the desk or behind the TV set. However, it's important to note that not all surge protectors are created alike. Some will even put your electronics at risk instead of protecting them.

So you should learn to choose only the best. The best means a surge protector that's affordable and relevant to your needs. Here are 5 factors to consider when getting one for your electronics.

1) Number of ports

Not every surge protector is 6 to 8 ports. These can go up to 12 ports. So if you're going for a huge number of ports, the holes must be well-spaced to allow using them all at the same time.

2) The device you'll use with the surge protector

Before buying it, think about the gadgets you'll plug into the surge protector. In as much as you may be tempted to buy a cheap surge protector, it's always good to go for surge protectors that are relevant to the type of electronics you want to plug into them.

For instance, your home entertainment systems will require robust surge protectors than your phone charger or lump at the side of the bed.

3) Look for the UL seal

The surge protector you want to buy must meet UL standards, and must pass the vigorous tests conducted by Underwriter's Laboratories. If it has what we call ''transient voltage surge protector'', it will protect all the electronic equipments plugged in it at home.

4) Energy Absorption rate and Clamping voltage

Your surge protector has the maximum capacity of energy it can absorb before it failing. You'll need something which is at least 6-700 joules. However, the higher this figure is, the safer it is for you.

Clamping voltage, on the other hand, is the voltage that will trigger the device. You can purchase something which is 400 V or less. The lower it is, the better.

5) Warranty

It's important to go for a surge protector that covers items connected to it if excessive power goes through. So you must check all the things covered and those that are not covered. You can also confirm how to file a warranty claim in case of failure.

Surge Protectors you can Rely on:

1) Belkin 6 Outlet Surge Protector (with 2 feet cord)

This is a basic 6-outlet surge protector that offers protection to your household appliances and electronics. It features 3 AC surge protection, as well as 6 outlets for convenience -- and also for purposes of providing optimum power through its 14-gauge capabilities.

It costs $13 when you shop at Amazon. Here's the link http://is.gd/UlO0g8.

2) Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector with Telephone/Coaxial Protection

This surge protector offers up to 12 outlets for your convenience. It has an 8 foot cord which is ideal for high-end homes or professional workstations.

It supports up to 500V, and is ideal for home theaters, printers, computers, coaxial or even Ethernet connections. It also includes detachable cord management clip for easy cable organization. Lastly, the right-angle plug will keep the cord closer to the wall. The price is $19 only, and this is the link http://is.gd/cqbpro.

3) Tripp Lite ISOBARULTRA Surge Protector-- 3840 joules

This is a robust surge protection equipment with sign wave tracking capabilities to protect even the heaviest of power surge conditions. The 8 outlets have been arranged in 4 filter banks to prevent crashing, or noisy peripherals -on/off functions. The surge suppression rate is up to 3840 joules.

These exclusive filter banks have been designed to eliminate line noise interference too. The price of this surge protector is $62 only, and this is the link http://is.gd/nHdFN7.

4) Monster AP AV 775G Audio Video Power Center Surge Protector

With this surge protector, individual outlets are well-spaced so they don't block adjacent outlets. The outlets are rated 7 AC (with 2160 joules protection). What's more, it's been designed with a feature known as Ceramic-encased MOVs to prevent the risk of fire as a result of power surge.

Lastly, the Dual Mode Plus power will automatically disconnect the system from dangerous power situations, and by doing so, it will sound an alarm for quick response. The price is $29 only. Click this link http://is.gd/ZqCFtf to learn more about it.

5) Monster MP PRT 400 Power Protect

This is a simple surge protector with a 3-ft long power cord. It offers protection of up to 540 joules, and the protection technology is Dual-mode. The manufacturer has used genuine brass components inside, so you should expect quality out of this surge protector. You should expect to pay $14 for this device. Here's the link http://is.gd/tw1QK8.

Quick tip

Choose a surge protector that will fulfill the power demands of your electronic appliances. If you have a diverse range of power needs, the 12-outlet surge protector will do you a good favor.

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