A Brief Look At Available Under Cabinet Light Choices

Under Cabinet lighting is typically added under a cabinet, shelf, or a similar surface so as to provide or produce a much localized lighting on a work surface. It is also worth mentioning that under cabinet lighting can also double as some form of night light.

For residential use, there are basically three types of under cabinet lighting. These are incandescent under cabinet lighting, fluorescent under cabinet lighting and LED under cabinet lighting. Generally, the type of lamp used will dictate the style of the lamp and its performance in terms of the amount of light emitted, the amount of energy used, the color and the overall life of the lamp.

Incandescent lamps are by far the most popular and are therefore quite easy to find. They are also relatively inexpensive to purchase and are very easy to replace. Their main undoing though is on their short lifespan and the amount of energy they consume.  

Fluorescent under cabinet lights are also quite popular, they have good light color and they are also good for color rendering. They also don’t flicker and don’t turn on instantly. These lights have a long life, experience high efficacy, are bright and are known to provide some uniform lighting. It is also worth noting that some fluorescent fixture designs are neither narrow nor small enough to be fully concealed without some modification on the cabinet trip molding.

LED lights are the latest in the under cabinet lightings offerings. These LEDs are known to last for more than ten years and do not typically burn out. Because they are relatively new in the market they tend to be slightly more expensive. The color offerings can also be a tad too dull for the liking of some so it is advisable to check them first in-store. Some models may also require you to have an external transformer which can be a bit bulky, so it is important to confirm the model or type of LED lighting you are opting for.

Here are some of the under cabinet light choices available in the market worth taking into consideration. These include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Legrand Adorne 27” Modular Track

Product Price: $ 109.98

Product URL: http://is.gd/MCoS28

Product Details: this modular under cabinet system does provide your kitchen with the flexibility of having your homes design and needs fully customized. You simply pop out an existing module and replace it with a new module, these modular tracks simply plug into another to create custom design lighting for any kitchen space. They easily plug into a connection port of any system module and the optimal positioning is to have one light for every 18” of modular track.

2) Product Name: DALS lighting High Power LED Puck Kit under cabinet Light

Product Price: $ 183.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/HGKvT3

Product Details: it does offer some warm white light and some excellent color rendering. The light also has a very smooth three hundred and sixty degree (360�) wide spread and has very minimal heat emission with an extra low profile. The light does have superior LED performance and lifespan and it is brighter than 20W halogen equivalent pucks. It offers over 50,000 hours of service life and total power consumption of 3W and a frosted glass lens. It also has heat sink and thermal protection.

3) Product Name: LE Brightest LED under cabinet lighting, Puck Lights 25W Halogen Replacement Cool White

Product Price: $ 45.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/ADeNJR

Product Details: this is a pack of 5 units of energy saving bulbs, allowing users to save up to 80% energy. They also have a flood beam angle of 120 degrees and is of a low voltage: 12V DC, making it safe to use in places where a person can touch.

4) Product Name: WAC Lighting under Cabinet Xenon light Bar

Product Price: $ 68.40

Product URL: http://is.gd/ihCAxh

Product Details: this lighting does feature low profile body that fits into most niches and doesn’t require the use of a transformer. It does feature a high/low an off switch which can be dimmed with a standard wall switch or dimmer.

5) Product Name: National Lighting LED Ribbon Lighting

Product Price: $ 78.00

Product URL: http://is.gd/jwQQmt

Product Details: this lighting is thin and very flexible and is great for accent, mood of even task lighting. It does feature sixty (60) LEDs per meter. The lighting does not report any voltage loss over a maximum of ten meters and is powered by a 12V DC power supply, emitting low heat and therefore more safer. The LEDs are quite durable because they have an average lifespan of fifty thousand (50,000) hours, the lights have no mercury, no UV and is also RoHS compliant.

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