What You Should Know Before Choosing A Wall Or Floor Mirror

Mirrors are extremely elegant pieces that can enhance the aspect of your home and make it look more pleasant and unique. The truth is that wall and floor mirrors can change the whole design of a house, being two of the most preferred decorative pieces today. With a clever placement of a wall or floor mirror, your home can look more beautiful, therefore it's imperative to choose the right mirror that complements with the overall design of your house accessories or design.


A Fun and Exciting Activity

There is no doubt that choosing a wall or floor mirror could be a daunting task, but in the same time is an exciting and fun activity. In fact, choosing a suitable mirror for your home is an art, because it needs to reflect your personal taste, while enhancing the design of other decorative accessories. Modern wall art consists of photographs, prints and wall mirrors. For example, a typical wall mirror can be found at http://is.gd/xpjpu9 at $139. For more ideas on what designs and styles of wall mirrors are available on the market, visit this website: http://is.gd/pCWkc9. In addition to a gorgeous wall mirror, you should know that a well-placed floor mirror can act as a decorative centerpiece in any room, making it look more spacious. According to the latest studies, floor mirrors expand a room visually, being a perfect decor accessory for any small space in a house, including hallways, bathrooms and entryways. A typical floor mirror can be found at http://is.gd/8vFIiD at a price of $449.

Both floor and wall mirrors are available in a wide range of types, sizes, shapes, colors and designs. They can be placed in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, entrances and even dining rooms. Depending on the type of decor in your house, you can choose between tinted, non-tinted, framed, reflective and frameless. You can also choose between a wide variety of metallic and wooden frames to complement your furniture design.

Choose the Right Size

The first thing you need to take into consideration before choosing wall and floor mirrors is its size, because it will greatly influence the impact you might want to create. Size is also extremely important if you want your mirror to be a focal point or to simply act as a background. Keep in mind that mirrors will enhance the lighting in a room, especially if it is sunlight. If it is a wall mirror, measure the wall and make sure there will be at least a couple of inches free space remaining between the mirror and other accessories.

For a traditional setting, consider choosing a classic wall mirror or a framed mirror. For example, a nice-looking traditional mirror with a wood frame can be found at http://is.gd/7PFUbj at a price of $375. On the other hand, a floor mirror has to be larger than a wall mirror and should be framed. An example of such can be found at http://is.gd/TnhBPF, at a price of $1050. Even if it's pretty expensive, this antique floor mirror can be used to create a great impression on your guests. Free standing mirrors require no installation and can be easily moved from one side of the house to another.

Deciding on the Shape

The shape of a wall mirror will play a crucial role in the ambiance of the room. If you prefer strict geometric shapes, you can choose between a Framed Arch Mirror (http://is.gd/7nf0fF - $159) or a Framed Octagon Mirror (http://is.gd/6dHebl) . However, if you prefer modern shapes and styles, you can choose a large decorative framed mirror (shop.visiondecor.com/decorative-wall-mirror-with-geometric-shapes-frame-se-ws1517.html - $201) or a modern wall mirror (http://is.gd/4iwQdF - $139). While square wall and floor mirrors give a restrained look, a long or tall shape add width and create a better impression.

What's Your Style?

Select a wall or floor mirror that comes in contrast with other accessories or pieces of furniture in the room, but also complements the overall design of the house. For example, take a look at your foyer table. If it's made out of metal, you might want to choose a mirror that features an exotic wood frame. The truth is that style options are endless, therefore you can choose one of many unique combinations. Remember that the style of the mirror should go with the style of the room it is placed in. If you have metal-embossed furniture, such as long side tables, choose a long matching mirror that features embossed frames. An example of a longer wall mirror can be found at http://is.gd/Yv4zBl .

Top-Quality Mirror

Probably one of the most important aspects you need to be aware of before choosing a wall or floor mirror is its quality. Since you will be sliding the doors, you should pick a mirror that is resistant to bumps and scratches, because you don't want to end up damaging it and consequently replacing it. Look for a professional mirror manufacturer that is known to produce only top-quality wall and floor mirrors. Make sure your mirror is functional before buying it, and that it's easy to maintain.

If you want to install the mirror in the living room, try to choose a mirror that looks presentable and will create a great impression to your guests. Some great ideas of decorative mirrors for your living room can be found here: http://is.gd/Vx5q3U. If you're planning to choose a mirror with a frame that has wooden carvings, opt for wood that is treated with a special coating in order to prevent deposition of dust in the crevices. On the other hand, if you prefer a metal frame, you must be sure you have no wooden furniture in that room. A good place to put wall and floor mirrors with a metal frame is in the kitchen or bathroom, because they will complement your fridge, sink, toilet or washing machine.

Wall and floor mirrors can highlight the style of your room, working perfectly with metal-embossed furniture or mirrored bedroom furniture.

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