How To Accessorize Your Home With Wall And Table Clocks

The use of wall and table clocks in homes and offices is very common. Traditionally, the clocks were mainly used for checking time. However, it is currently possible to accessorize your home using these wall and table clocks. This has been brought about by the fact that there are exceedingly many types of clocks. They come in different colors, dimensions and prices. Therefore, you are spoilt of choice each time you think of purchasing a clock. Additionally, it is easy to use these clocks as part of your home decor to complement your decoration theme.

How do you accessorize your home using wall and table clocks? There are certain factors you need to consider before you can choose the right clock for your home. First, you need to establish the types of clocks available. Secondly, you must be aware of ways you can use to select the perfect clock for your home. Besides, find out the various locations you can purchase your preferred clock.

Types of Wall and Table Clocks

It does not really matter whether you have a wall clock or desk clock in your home. It is possible to choose either, depending on the decor theme you desire, the room you are going to place it and the function it is going to play. You can usually use both clocks in your home. The most common types of clocks include:

1) Key winding clocks - These have to be wound at periodic intervals. Such clocks come with a wounding key and they work best when they are wound at the same hour, possibly each week.Pendulum wall clocks - They come with a heavy rod, the pendulum, which swings to and fro at a precise interval. The pendulum helps the clock to tell time accurately.

2) Striking clocks - These clocks work by telling the time or the hour by the ringing of a bell of striking of a gong.

3) Digital clocks - These clocks do not always conform to any particular dimensions or style. You can use them when uncomfortable with analog clocks. Most of these clocks are powered by electricity or batteries.

4) Chiming clocks - As the name suggests these clocks come with a set of chimes that are set off when the hour strikes. They often come with musical chimes.

5) Theme or Novelty clock- These are clocks designed using themes. It is possible to have a novelty clock for your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in your house. The common designs include nautical themes, personality themes and neon clocks.

Which is the Perfect Clock for your Home?

From the various types of wall and desk clock reviews, you will realize that you have a wide choice to choose from. Whether you want a wall clock or desk clock, you will definitely find the right one for you. There are extremely many types of clocks. Some of these include:

1) Chaney Instruments Vintage Port Wine Wall Clock - This offers a vintage wall display. It comes with a port wine design label at the center and is framed by Roman numerals that tell the hours. It measures 18 inches in diameter and can fit any space. You can get it at $32.99.

2) La Crose Wood Analog Wall Clock - This is a 12.5-inch wall clock with a classic wood frame. It has a white dial face that can be used in any room. It is prized at $29.47.

3) You Can Imagine 2320 Melting Clock - It looks like it is melting and can be used as a unique piece of art. It is also a great conversational piece. You can get it at $11.79.

4) DCI matte Black Powder Coated Metal Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock - This is a good example of a themed clock. This clock has the hours marked with mathematical problems. It has a diameter of 11.5 inches. You can get it at $21.39.

5) Chaney 75153 Retro Star Clock - It has a plastic casing and convex glass lens with quartz movement. It is 17 inches, both in height and width. It is priced at $21.85.

6) Seiko QXH110BLH Westminster/Whittington Quarter-Hour Chime and Hourly Strike Pendulum Clock - It comes with a dark-brown case and a pendulum. It also has a volume control system and a night chime silencer. It measures 21 ¼ inches by 12 ¾ inches by 3 ¾ inches and can be bought at a price of $129.00.

7) Infinity Instruments The Dais -Distressed Round Table Clock - This desk clock weighs 12131 KG-TW and has a distressed case with Roman numerals used at every hour. You can get it at $24.59.

8) Anelace Powers of Two BCD Clock Crystal Blue - It comes with LED light display designed in a binary pattern. Its dimensions are 3.5 inches by 2 inches and weigh about 10oz. The desk clock is prized at $24.99.

9)Bulova B7750 Glasner House - It has a solid wood base with a light cherry stain and mineral glass panel. It measures 2.5 inches wide and ¾ inches high. It is prized at $37.91.

10) Seiko Desk and Table Alarm Clock - This has a dark-brown alder wood case and a brass tone bezel. It has a two-tone dial feature that separates the second hand with the other hands. You can buy it at $48.75.

11) Sterling Home Wood Daffodil Clock - It has an interesting wooden box that opens to reveal a hidden hinged time keeper. It comes with a round clock face and is 7 inches long and 7 inches wide. You can get it at $48.00.

All these wall clocks can be viewed and purchased from Amazon. You can choose the type you want. Colors range from black, write, pink, ivory to a multitude of colors. Additionally, it is possible to find other online watchmakers and sellers who can offer you a wide range of styles and designs on wall and table clocks.

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