Well Pressure Tanks - Problems And Replacement Options

 An old well pressure tank may cause you a lot of frustrations with the house water supply stopping often or losing water pressure. It means wasting time and money to go check what is wrong and call a plumber to fix it only to break down again it is just better to replace it to have reliable water supply.

Reasons that may lead to old tanks replacement:

• Water tank short cycling

Old water pumps are prone to short cycling this is the process where the water pump rapidly turns on and off. This leads to the pump, pump switches and controls being damaged. Wear and tear has taken a toll on it and it’s no longer functions as before. An old tank is mostly defective because it loses its air charge and cannot keep up its charge leading to the well pump short cycling. When the pump fails the water pressure is low or the supply is cut out completely.

• Overheating

When the pump has been used for a long time and the motor kept running long it heats the pump causing it to stop working. This is mainly caused by the frequent switching on and off of the water pump. The pump may have to work overtime because the storage tank is small thus this constant use leads to serious wear and tear so it is better to get a bigger tank so as enough water is stored and the pump is not used as often. The pump may need time to cool down in case of overheating leading to lose of water pressure or complete loss of
water in the building.

• Air bladder problems

It may have holes caused by rusting or frequent dropping leading to lose of water pressure.

The luck of air charge also causes the pump short cycling.

• Inlet clogging

Old well pressure tanks were made with less advanced technology so they are not easy to clean or unclog .This leads to large deposits of sediments being deposited, this in turn causes the sensor of water pressure regulator and filter to be clogged. Leading to decreased water pressure.

Some great water well pressure tanks that you can buy to replace the old:

1) Water Worker 20B vertical pressure well tank

- This one has a capacity of 20-gallon

- Product description is available on www.drillspot.com they ship and sell it too.

- It retails at amazon.com

- Retails for 143.65

- Its shipping weight is 28.65 pounds

- Manufactured by waterworker

- Various capacities of these tanks are also available on Amazon tank including the 44 and 86 gallons.

- Its best features include the butyl diaphragm that has a seamless construction and is designed to flex rather than stretch and crease like bladder tanks.

2) Amtrol-well-X-troll

- Comes in various capacity 20, 44, 86 gallons

- The 20 gallon capacity tank goes for $ 204

- Shipping weight is 33 pounds

- Manufactured by amtrol, visit www.amtrol.com or www.aquascience.com who ship and sale this product.

- Manufacture reference wx-202

- The company has the longest industry warranty of 7 years

- Its best feature is the pressure tank floor stand designed for residences.

3) Flotec FP7120-03 precharged water tank

- Manufactured by Wayfair

- It’s shipped and sold on www.wayfair.com

- Item weight is 61.2 pounds

- Item package quantity is 1

- Warranty description is 5 years

- Item model number is FP7120-03

- Capacity 35 gallons

- It retails for $241

- According to the manufacture this vertical pre-charged tank is equal to an 82-gallon standard tank in performance though it has a capacity of only 35-gallons.

4) Utility 119-gallon vertical pressure tank

- 5 year limited warranty

- Revolutionary parabolic diagram design eliminates internal rubbing of the tank wall and he primary cause of diaphragm fail.

- It’s retailed at www.lowes.com

- Tank capacity 36 gallons

- Tank height 32.375 inches

- Diameter 20 inches

5) Wayne shallow well jet pump with 8.5 gallon pressure tank

- Retail price $349.95

- Manufactured by Wayne

- Shipped and sold by Northern tool and equipment

- Item weight 59 pounds

- The full product description as well as the product can found on www.northerntool.com/

6) Well rite wr 120 pressure tank

- Retailed at www.Freshwatersystems.com

- Capacity of 11.3 gallons

- Retail price $374.30

- Full product description

- 5 years warranty.

- Very compatible with other pumps from other manufactures

There are three types of tanks: galvanized, precharged and sealed diaphragm which is the newest. Find one that works best for your situation, get a good mechanic to fix your water system, buy your water tank and pump from authorized dealers so that your warranty is legal. Water is essential for functionality of your home so seek advice from experts before replacing your old one or installing a new one. The general consensus is to buy a tank with a large holding capacity so that the pump cannot be overextended.  It may cost a bit much but it will save you in terms of maintenance and repair costs of the pump.


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