Are Wheelchair Ramps And Stair Lifts Right For Your Home?

When choosing a wheelchair ramp or stair lifts, you need to consider several features so that you get the best for use in your residential or commercial premise. Let's look at these two structural modifications for premises.

Wheelchair ramps

Various legislative acts have emphasized on the need to have ramps in premises to help disabled people access your premises in the best way. What specifications do you need to look for when getting a ramp?

- Slope and rise: a maximum rise of thirty inches is permitted for the ramp. This is however determined in part by the run.

- Clear width: A width of 36 inches has been adopted as the ideal width because it matches the required width of a standard accessible root. Wider width may be necessary when you install a ramp that will accommodate two-way wheelchair traffic.

- Landings: landings need to be a minimum of 36 inches (the width of the ramp run that leads to it).
Handrails: It is recommended to have handrails on at least the outer edge of the ramp. Handrails on both sides are suitable because they will allow the disabled people to navigate the ramp with guidance from the rails.
- Circular ramps: circular ramps are not allowed except when they have a slope not more than 1:12. This is because it is dangerous when all the four wheels of the wheelchair are not simultaneously on the ground.

So, with that in mind, what are some of the wheelchair ramps out there that you can use?

The Mabis Dmi Healthcare 5? Telescoping wheelchair Ramps, which come in silver color, provides you with non - skid tracks, and can hold weight of up to 330lbs, while weighing in at 6 lbs. This ramp is very handy to have, being compact and having a nylon carrying case. At just $92.45, you can't go wrong with the ramp. You can check out the customer reviews, availability and buy it from www.amazon.com.

Another ramp worthy of your try is the EZ-access Suitcase Advantage Series. This comes in lengths ranging from 2 inches to 6 inches. The weight ranges from 12lbs to 30lbsthis is a single fold, portable ramp. This ramp is very strong and it can be separated to make it easier to carry, use and store. With skid resistant tape, this ramp unfolds to a 29 inch wide ramp. The ramp can hold 800 pounds and comes with a 3 year limited warranty. This ramp is available at www.amazon.com for $137.

The portable multifold Bariatic ramp is designed to give you access to premises or your vehicle when using wheelchairs with various tire configurations. Made from durable welded fabrication, the ramp folds in half and can be carried like a suitcase. This comes with a visual aid to help you determine whether the ramp is on a safe slope before being used. The width is 36 inches, with a length of 5 - 8 inches and can hold a weight of 800lbs, with each separate ramp holding 400lbs. the weight of the ramps ranges from 50lbs to 76lbs according to the length of the ramp. You can get this ramp from www.1800wheelchair.com at a price ranging from $391 - $525.

The Drive Single Fold Ramp is a durable lightweight ramp which comes with a carry bag for easy transportation. The ramp can hold weight of up to 600lbs, with a width of 30 inches and a length ranging from 2 inches to 6 inches. Depending on the length, expect a weight ranging from 14lbs to 38lbs. The ramp has perforated slots in the ramp to keep water from collecting on the ramp. You can get this ramp from www.amazon.com for $119.78 and get free shipping with super saver.

If you want a ramp designed for easy use and durability, the Invacare wheelchair ramp which is ideal for both power and manual wheelchairs. The ramp is lightweight making it easier to transport. It weighs in at 28lbs, and able to hold 600lbs. the model comes in a size of 6 inches long and 30 inches wide. Buy this ramp after checking out its specifications on www.amazon.com at $410 and get free shipping.

The PVE Singlefold ramp comes at a low price but with great features. Made from lightweight, durable materials, it has a covering of traction tape that allows slip-resistant use. This makes it suitable for use in any condition. The ramp folds in half for easier carrying. Comes in weights ranging from 10lbs to 46lbs, with the ability to support 600lbs. the package comes with instructional video and security hardware. Get this ramp at $130 with free shipping or if you already have one leave a review on www.amazon.com

Made from fiberglass-laminate with a core made from rigid foam, DecPac Multipurpose portable Wheelchair ramp come with the ability to resist all kinds of weather. The ramp has a slip resistant surface coupled with a 2 ¾ inch tall side panel that prevents the wheelchair from sliding off the edge. The ramp can accommodate weight to a maximum of 660lbs. The ramp comes with a width of 32 inches and a length from 4'4" to 6'6". Buy this ramp at $984 on www.1800wheelchair.com.

Stair lifts

When you go out to but a stair lift, consider the cost, reliability, the drive system and the installation method. What is the best stair lift out there? Let us check out some reviews on the common types on the market.

The Harmar SL600 has a weight capacity of 350lbs, with a seat height of 23 inches to 27 inches, using a 1/8 horsepower. The drive system used is a rack and Worm gear, with the ability to slope from 25 to 45 degrees. This lift is able to travel for 70 inches with an option for a battery in case of power outage. It does not support curved tracks. Purchase this lift at www.globalsourcemedical.com at $3499, with $75 hourly cost for installation.

The Sterling 2000 can move around curves and is able to support 302lbs, coming with a rack and pinion drive. The lift can sustain a slope of up to 56 degrees, with a maximum travel of 70 inches. You can request for a price quote from www.buyastairlift.com for this lift starting from $1,699.

The Stair climber comes with a drive that uses traction control with slope capabilities of up to 35 degrees. It is able to work on straight stairs. The lift can travel to a maximum of 23 stairs when the battery is on full charge. The climber attaches to the common manual wheelchairs, and takes the users up and down the stairs. The stair climber is designed according to your needs. You can check out the FAQs or buy the product from www.Handicare-stairlifts.com.

Both of these structural modifications will allow for easy access and egress to your house, car or any place with an elevated entry. When you go out for one, get the best that will suit your needs.

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