The Versatility Of Wireless Doorbells

In this article you will learn all about wireless doorbells, the makes, types, prices, and where you can obtain them. This would give a clear perspective and guide you to make your decisions in acquiring the right piece that suits your home.

Wireless Doorbells - Overview

With the advancement of technology, there have been many changes in the human lifestyle and the things they use around their houses. One of such things, which are getting increasingly popular, is the wireless doorbells. These bells function through transmitting radio waves instead of the conventional wire system. These require very little or no installation at all and are cost-effective too.

How do wireless doorbells work?

A wireless doorbell has a transmitter that emits a frequency, a receiver unit that is located in the chime box and receives the frequency. The bell rings when the button is pressed. Though there are different types of wireless doorbells, the main difference could only be the difference in frequency and the difference in the chime units.

Range of Wireless Doorbells

The majority of the wireless doorbells extend out to 75 ft to 150 ft. With the advancement of technology, currently there are bells that can extend up to 300 feet too. There are receivers with multiple bells, which enable you to place bell receivers in various parts of your home or office.

Energy Source

There are two basic types of wireless doorbells, based on its energy source:

1) Battery-operated bells

2) Plug-ins

The battery-operated bells can be termed as weaker and stronger bells based on the type of battery it uses. The weaker versions are the ones that use Triple A batteries whereas; the stronger ones use D batteries. However, it is the battery life and where you use it is what matters.

On the other hand the plug-in models have the bell receiver plugged into a socket on the wall. These are more reliable, as the batteries may fail at times. However, these are used less because of the space occupation and does not have proper noise distribution.

Chimes and Sounds

The wireless bells differ in function mainly based on the type of sounds they create and the chimes. There are bells that can play around 50 songs; there are bells in which you can record a message or opt to play any of your favorite songs in high quality.

Different Models of Wireless Doorbells with Prices

1) Wireless Chime Model RC3130: This makes various sounds for the front door and back door and the operating range is up to 75 feet. This is compatible with all wireless chime systems. According to the number of chimes and buttons, the price ranges between $19.98 and $36.98. You may obtain this from: www.dimango.com.

2) Wooden Wireless Doorbell w/Faux Brass Tubes: Item code is HZ6284. This is a very elegant piece with a traditional wood finish and classic brass tubes hanging down with a receiver range of 150 feet. This requires size D batteries and you can program this play an 8-note or a double note melody. This costs you $99.00 and is offered at: www.wirelessdoorbellstore.com.

3) Wireless Lone Star Doorbell Chime: This is an amazing product, which is hand crafted in an oak hardwood. This has dual chime for front and back doors. The cost is $188.25 and is found at: www.doorbellfactory.com.

4) RC4120 Battery Powered Long Range Door Chime: This can range up to 300 feet and has an LED light with high intensity and requires 4 numbers of D cells. You will have to pay $69.00 for this and can find this at: www.1800doorbell.com.

5) 150 ft. Range Wireless Doorbell w/Wood Cover: The item code for this is HZ6210 and has a very simple and neat look with a wooden finish. The range is up to 150 feet requires 3 size D batteries. You can program the receiver to play 2 different melodies one each for the front door and back door. This also has adjustable volume and costs $99.00 and is found at: www.wirelessdoorbellstore.com.

6) Strobe Door Chime with Flashing Light & Chime Sound: This chime is exclusively made for the hearing impaired and hence has lights. This is offered with 1 wireless bell button and has up to 100 foot range. This is a plug-in model that costs you $74.00 and can be found at: www.doorbellfactory.com.

7) Wireless Battery Doorbell Model RC3520: This has a sleek design with white finish and hence blends with all kinds of décor. It has an adjustable volume control. This would cost you $30.98 and has a range of up to 150 feet. You will find at: www.dimango.com.

8) Wallpaper Doorbell Model RC3410: This can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally and plays ding dong and dong noises. It can operate up to 150 feet with 32 changeable codes. You can get this for $42.98 and can find it at: www.dimango.com.

9) AC Wireless Doorbell, Doorbell Chimes: The model number is A4-C2. This has a range of more than 200 meters and has 35 selectable sounds. This can be found at: www.globalmarket.com.

10) Honeywell 6-Channel Wireless Doorbell: The item code is: HW3001 and this costs you $148.00. Every channel can be programmed with 6 different tones such as ding-dong, saint clement, Westminster chime, tube chime, warm brass, and fantasy. You will find this in 3 different colors at: www.wirelessdoorbellstore.com.

What are the advantages of wireless doorbells?

There are several advantages to a wireless doorbell. Some of them are:

1) Versatile: Wireless doorbells can be placed anywhere in your house. A wireless doorbell is more efficient and can be taken anywhere.

2) Expansion: Since these doorbells possess transmitters that are powerful, these can be placed at a greater distance depending on the range of transmission. This makes it more useful in large homes with multiple floors.

3) Decorative: These are not only powerful but also offered in different models with sophisticated looks to suit the contemporary homes.

4) Easy Installation: Since these doorbells do not require any wiring, installation is very simple and does not require a professional help. You can do it on your own.

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