Ten Stores Where You Can Find Wood And Metal Wall Artwork

More than protection from the harsh elements outside, your wall can also be a decorative part of the house that can dramatically improve your home interior. The following is a list of products and stores from where you can buy wood and metal wall artwork.


Arterios is an online store that sells different kinds of artwork. Along with their collection are metal, wood and a combination of wood and metal murals that have paint and metallic finishes. Most of their subjects tackle nature, society, earth and mythology. They also offer abstract and semi-abstract designs. For more information about this art store, visit http://www.artyrios.com. For inquiries, email latagopati@yahoo.com.

24x7 Home Aurora.com

Home Aurora.com is an online store that offers items that are primarily used to improve the details in your home interior design. Currently they offer the Tree of Wealth, a 1x1' x 16 tile mural that depicts a giant tree. This mural is made of metal and wood to make sure that the piece has the strokes of both contemporary and ultra-modern styling. Each mural is made by order so it will take half a month before the item is delivered. Certainly, it will be worth the wait because each piece is done by their finest craftsmen and you are guaranteed that your item will be like no other. Each piece is custom made for you. Visit http://www.24x7homeaura.com for more information.

ND Creations

ND Creations offers various sculptures and carvings made of different materials. In the store, you will find murals that are made of wood, metal, fiberglass and stone. More than being intricate and highly detailed, their murals cannot be imitated. Purchasing a piece from ND Creations guarantees that you get a one-of-a-kind piece of art for your home. Each of their creations is hand-made by their exceptional craftsmen. ND creations offer nothing but art for you. For more details about their wide range of products, visit www.indiamart.com.


Looking in online auctions or online reselling stores can help you find a good mural for your wall. One of these reselling stores is OLX.com. Currently available in this website is a 3x2 foot metal mural painting. More specifically, this art piece uses other media such as bronze and wood with the Italian countryside as its subject. This artwork utilized five wooden layers to add detail, depth and perspective. If you want this artwork, you can follow this link: http://gurgaon.olx.in/metal-mural-painting-iid-412510068.

Anand Arts

For those who are looking for the thrill that art can bring, Anand Arts is the best place to go. This supplier of artworks caters to different establishments around the world. Their works are displayed in highly regarded hotels and establishment around Asia. If you want to have a piece of the continent for your home, you can request Anand Arts to have a custom design for you. For inquiries, simply go to their website http://www.anandarteffects.com.

Fine Art America

Fine Art America is not just a website that sells artwork, it also brings art-inclined people together. If you want to have pieces from America's upcoming artists, this website is one of the most ideal places to explore. Currently available in this website is the Other Half of the Cardenal. This is the male piece sculpture that when you display side by side with the female side, you will get the whole El Cardenal. For inquiries about this artwork, you must directly contact the artist. You can get the information on http://fineartamerica.com/featured/other-half-the-cardenal-quique-matos.html.

Angel Fire

Angel Fire has been providing wooden wall murals for 15 years. Currently available in this website is the Intarsia Chihuahua wood mural. The artwork can be yours for $50.00 plus shipping. If you are a dog lover, particularly an enthusiast of the small breed, this mural is definitely right for you. The wood mural features different woods to add detail, color and depth to the piece. The mural size is 8x12", which makes it perfect for the wall of a small room. You can learn more about the product in http://www.angelfire.com/la2/wwintarsia.

Metal Wall Tiles.net

Metal Wall Tiles.net offers an array of murals made of different kinds of metals such as bronze, copper, nickel and stainless steel. They do not just offer murals; they also offer tiles for bathroom walls and kitchen backsplash. So if you want to have a single theme, this is a one-stop-shop for you. One of their best sellers is the Aged Bronze Rosette Rounded Deco that can be displayed in smaller rooms. Its rustic appeal will certainly give your interior design a strikingly unique impression. The product can be yours for just $18.79. For more details about this product, simply visit http://metalwalltiles.net.


Alibaba.com is an affiliate site that makes searching for wooden murals easier for you. Currently available in this website are wooden mural puzzles that are ideal for the kids' room. Each piece of mural puzzle costs $70 - $80. Let your child have fun in building the teddy bear or the moose and then hang it on their wall. Other puzzle models include unicorn, rhinoceros and a deer. Each piece is available in different colors such as red, black and white. To contact the supplier of this product, visit http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/606651865/Wooden_teddy_bears_home_decoration_murals.html.

The Bathtub Outlet Store

The Bathtub Outlet Store provides decorative artworks for bathrooms. If you want to add some spice to your bathroom by decorating its wall, this online store has all that you need. One of the products on sale in this site is a copper mural that depicts the typical life of a frog. This 16x12 copper mural can be yours for $299.00. All items are made by order which means that you must send your specifications for the item that you want to purchase. All artwork are made by hand so allow 4 to 6 weeks to have your item delivered. You can visit http://shop.thebathtuboutletstore.com/Copper-Mural-12-x-16-MP-002.htm for more information.

There are even more websites that sell wood and metal murals. It is strongly recommended that you do not limit your search on our list, especially if the mentioned stores do not have what you are looking for. Nevertheless, you can get in touch with a shop on our list that sells custom made murals. Get in contact with one and you will have a unique artwork for your wall.

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